Shit Girls Say – Episode 2Graydon Sheppard

Smell this.


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  1. these guys are my heroes! hahahaha a m a z i n g !!!

  2. this just makes me laugh out loud and I can’t put my finger on why, I think it’s because this dude totally captures the WAY in which these things are said…who doesn’t know someone who says these things (or say them themselves?!) ? Love it.

  3. im so glad everyone else on this comment thread has a sense of humor. some feminists give the rest of us a bad name for not being able to laugh at themselves. if you cant admit that you’ve totally said at least one of these lines then you are lying to the world and yourself.

  4. *eating chips* take this away from me.. okay one more. last one. last one. last one. UGH.

  5. I hate to admit it but I am guilty of exactly 16 of these “girl sayings”…he got down the “shut(slight pause)up!!!” one pretty darn well if you ask me ;)

  6. this is the meaning of life (:

  7. how annoyingly funny :P

  8. lol i think im weird for not sayign at least half of everything and by sayng the other half because i really mean it
    (yes i know i sound really stupid)
    LOL that derp face in the end HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  9. omg i cough when i eat ice cream too! lol

  10. This is so much better.

  11. brilliant.


  13. ice cream makes me thirstyyyy

  14. Yay for girls and feminists!

  15. I don’t know whether to be embarrassed that he’s right, or extremely giggly because I totally have said all of these things at one point or another.

    Anyway, it’s bomb-diggity-fantasticalness.

  16. i just read a thread from bitch magazine, which i had been reading regularly. it began by talking about how awful was for feminism, and how demeaning shit girls say is. that no true feminist would find it funny. i’m a REAL feminist and this cracks me up so hard i could pee! i say ALL of those things. this is quite possibly the funniest shit ever.

  17. ‘I’m just like………’

  18. Love this <3

  19. These are so hilarious!

  20. “That poor dog needs water.” LOL! My nephew laughed at this. He didn’t know why it was funny, but that’s okay!

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