Shiny & Stamos

Shiny & Stamos Present: A Lady Bits Company!

Attention women everywhere!

Turns out the hottest item for fall 2011 is something you already possess. That’s right, we’re talking about your vagina. The premiere episodes of new fall TV comedies 2 Broke Girls and Whitney both featured unabashed vagina humor, and according to the New York Times it’s a veritable trend. So what better moment for “lady bits company” Lip Labs Ltd. to release its vagina-themed web commercials for scented (and flavored, ew) sanitary wipes!

All together now: Simple. Sanitary. Vagina.

For more from Lip Labs Ltd. and Dr. Notorious V.A.G. visit them on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Kendra Lancaster

    Oh dear lord… this will keep my head in the gutter permanently now (if it wasn’t already there). As bad as that was, it was hilarious.

  • Douglas Koebrich

    Definitely not with the right men.

  • Jenni Chiaramonte

    So funny! Hey I recognize that actress, Kandis Erickson! Hope to see more of her. She’s super pretty and really funny :-)

  • Liz Haebe

    Oh dear lord! I’m glad I didn’t look at this one at work! ha! ha!

  • Sarah H

    lol! I’m glad I can’t watch videos at work now, but those were funny!

  • Leelee Ngwenya

    that vaginal smell? hahaha

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