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Shift In Power; The Rise of the Nerd

It’s time for the nerd girls of the world to rise up and take control of the spotlight – sit down party girls, your glitter has faded and your pantyhose have a run in them.

Every few years its time to dethrone the reigning source of power in the pecking order and make way for a new, fresh approach at life. That time is now, and that power is me and my nerdy kinfolk alike.

We are the nerds, dorks, weirdos and oddballs. The girls who would rather learn new baking techniques, master the art of a good whiskey cocktail (or like my Friday nights – watch “Say Yes To The Dress in pajama’s) then parade around a dirty bar in hopes of finding our male counterpart in the sticky bar dance floor.

Now, don’t be mistaken, I love to dance like the rest of you, but I’d rather dance in the light of my bathroom whilst singing into my hairbrush or into the back of my best friends head when she’s not looking. (I want to say this is a just a joke, but it’s not… Sorry Lindsay!)

So I say it’s time to break out our battle gear, (grandma sweaters, party dresses, glasses, books and record collections) and prepare for battle. We can outshine them with our witty repartee, our love for trilogies and our mean hostess skills.

It’s time for the sweet ones to be in the spotlight. The ones who understand that glitter is best used minimal and that Reese Witherspoon didn’t write the songs for Walk The Line.

It’s time for dinner parties around a big table with the gentle sounds of music softly playing under the conversation among friends.

It’s time for cocktail nights in, movie marathons, bathroom dance parties, kitchen dance parties, to ride our bikes and forgetting to fake a feeling to get a desired result.

It’s time for us. It’s our time to shine (glitter-free of course).

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