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Queen of the Day: Stevie Nicks

Because the Mac is back, ya’ll. And I AM SO EXCITED! Stevie Nicks is well over the qualifying age for AARP discounts, yet the original Gold Dust Woman is about to embark upon a major world tour (after touring in support of her latest solo album, no less) AND her hair still looks like corn silk. Beautiful, beautiful corn silk. She recently spilled the deets on setlist choices (“You have to go “Go Your Own Way” and “Landslide” and “Dreams”), two new Fleetwood Mac songs (!!!) and her deliciously dramatic relationship with ex-lover and longtime bandmate, Lindsey Buckingham.

She also revealed the secret to the art of posing for photos with wild animals, how to achieve the perfect feathered bangs and the best places to buy top hats. Just kidding. But have you ever known ANYONE other than Stevie who could actually pull all those things off?

Despite not having internet or a “MySpace Face page,” the original Gold Dust Woman hasn’t shied from speaking her mind on pop culture happenings. Remember those rumors about Lindsay Lohan playing Stevie in a biopic? “Over my dead body,” she pointedly responded. “She needs to stop doing drugs and get a grip.” Zing! While that may have been way harsh, Tai (even coming from a former addict), the lady calls it how she sees it and that’s a quality I can appreciate.

Yet she’s also willing to come correct when she’s over-stepped her bounds. After making some choice comments on the Nicki Minaj/Mariah Carey/American Idol feud, Stevie apologized for her heated criticism of Minaj.

“I spoke without thinking. I think all artists should be respectful toward one another and that includes me.”

Even dove queens have diva moments. You go (your own way), lady!

If you want to catch Her Velvet Highness in full-on chiffon regalia, Fleetwood Mac’s tour  itinerary can be found here (tickets go on-sale tomorrow). I’ll be there with bell (bottoms) on.

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