Shailene Woodley is Our Dream Holistic Healer and Here's Why

“She eats clay?!”

“She makes her own wild medicines?!”

“I heard that on set, she skips the catering truck and brings her own lunch.”

These are just some of the claims you may hearing about Divergent star Shailene Woodley. But before we judge, let’s go to the source.

In a recent interview with Natural Health Magazine, Shailene explains her natural lifestyle. And by, “natural lifestyle,” I’m not talking about shopping at Whole Foods, doing a juice cleanse or being, “really into yoga.” Shailene takes “natural” to a whole new level.

She tells Natural Health that she first became attracted to nature when she researched factory farming and genetically engineered food. She was shocked to learn how little we know about the food that we eat. As she puts it, “what is the point of environmentalism if we keep separating ourselves from nature?”

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard a pesticide protest. I believe it was the great Joni Mitchell or for the younger generation, Counting Crows featuring Vanessa Carlton who sang, “Hey Farmer, Farmer put away your DDT. Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees.”

Shailene discovered that most meat was bad for her because of added hormones but so were vegetables due to pesticides and organic was too expensive. So, she researched what Native Americans in Southern California ate and discovered they were hunters, gathers and healers who lived off the plants around them.

Shailene became resourceful, studying the plants in her area. She now gathers her own spring water, gets her food from a farm, and even makes her own toothpaste and body products. She also makes her own “wild medicines,” instead of getting them from doctors. Do I smell a Shailene Woodley Natural Food and Products Line in the works? (I vote she calls it Simply Shailene).

I think it’s admirable that Shailene can take care of herself in nature; she knows how to make a fire, find a water source and her own food. Skills I certainly wish I had incase of the inevitable zombie apocalypse. But in all seriousness, knowing how to survive in the wilderness is a skill every girl should have. Because you never know.

And then there was clay, which she claims is, “one of the best things you can put into your body.” I get it. I’ve been to Korean spas before. I’ve seen the clay room, the Himalayan salt room and the magnetic room. And while I found all the rooms to be kind of similar, I did find myself to be detoxified after the whole experience.

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