Sexxxy Picnic by The Get Go

Hello Gigglers!

Take a look at this video written and performed by The Get Go, the all female sketch comedy group from the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles – which I am a proud member of!

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Also featuring our friends: Neil Campbell & Paul Rust

Writer/Producer: Rebecca Addelman
Director: Nic Michaels
D.P./Editor: Andy Fenberg
Producer: Tim Neenan

Invite us to your picnics!



  • Elisabeth Miller

    Seriously, Ingrid, such a fan! Wish I were still in LA to come to the UCB thing!

  • Shauna Lewis

    Hilarious. LOVE Wendy! Shes hilarious.

  • Hannah Datz

    This is amazing. Wish you had a tumblr Ingrid!

  • Kara Wilson-Yapp

    This is horrifying.

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