Sexist "Anti-Nag Gag" Pulled From Stores — Thanks To One Woman

UK-based retailer River Island might carry some cute clothes but their taste in accessories is questionable. Just yesterday, the clothing chain removed a ‘Domestic Anti Nag Gag’ from its shelves after hundreds of customers threatened to boycott.

Yes, you read that correctly: the store had an Anti Nag Gag on its shelves. It’s a small soccer ball on a string that’s meant to gag a nagging woman. The packaging features speech bubbles with quotes like “Get your clothes off the floor!” and “It’s your turn to do the dishes.” It’s pretty gross.

UK actress Jenny Bede tweeted a photo of the novelty item to the Everyday Sexism Project and it didn’t take long for Twitter to explode with outrage. The image was retweeted hundreds of time and many Little River customers threatened to stop shopping at the store if the product wasn’t removed.

It worked. Less than 24 hours after Bede tweeted the photo to her 5,000 followers, the insulting product was pulled from stores. A spokesman for the company released this statement: “As soon as this product was brought to our attention we withdrew it from sale and removed it from our website,” but refused to comment any further.”

Let’s hope they use better judgment when selecting novelty gifts in the future.

  • Crystal Quinden

    Quite frankly I’m not terribly offended by this novelty gift. Spencers and Fuego carry some pretty insulting things, much more insulting than this, when I see them I roll my eyes and walk on. Not every slightly offensive product needs to be handled in such a way and as consumers we should be aware of our choice to purchase the item or not.

  • Emily Graham

    Oh chill out people, it was a novelty joke item. Have a sense of humor.

  • Elizabeth Thayer

    HAHA! That’s terrible! You know though, I can think of a reason WHY this “gag” gift was created. Maybe because we can and so often get on our hubby’s/significant others? Plus, it goes both ways! It’s better to talk about things with your significant other as a contributing factor in the relationship rather than treating, let’s say husband, like he’s one of the kids. And if he doesn’t do, let’s say: clean gutters. Call a professional to do it. It’s such a stupid thing to get in hissy fit with. Anyway, that’s what I think. I am actually annoyed at the product being made. And yeah, it’s a joke, stop taking stuff so literal… but, we have to wonder, why would people make this gag gift while it may hit so close to the heart? Maybe it’s because, and I am a culprit, treat my husband like I’m his mom, when he didn’t marry me to have a mom, but he married me to have a wife, a partnership through life.

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