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Oh no! Two "13 Reasons Why" stars got their Instagram accounts hacked

Steve Granitz/WireImage

We hope the rest of the 13 Reasons Why cast have changed their passwords because Ross Butler and Justin Prentice just got hacked. The two are just the latest victims in the never-ending cycle of celebrity hacks and it seems that Butler and Prentice were specifically targeted due to their proximity to 13 Reasons Why producer Selena Gomez.

After breaking into the accounts, the hackers allegedly left mean-spirited comments on both Gomez’s and The Weeknds Insta feeds – specifically on a photo of the duo at the Met Gala.

The stars both took to Twitter to share the news they’d been hacked.

The 13 Reasons Why cast have all been very active on social media, keeping fans up to date with their latest projects and showing off their amazing IRL friendships. It’s so disappointing that someone would hack into their social media accounts just to attract Gomez’s attention.

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