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Seven Reasons You Should Reach Out to Every Person Ever

1.)  We’re all alone well, kind of.  This sounds grim, but it’s not! There is a freedom in realizing and embracing the fact that at the end of the day you’re sitting in your own skin with your own thoughts and realities.  One of the most beautiful parts of being alive and continually pushed into the world is knowing that every single person on the planet also goes to bed in their own skin, with their own thoughts and realities.  Learning and exploring new people offers you the opportunity to change some wobbly realities you’ve created and equally allows you to challenge someone else’s.

2.)  Everyone wants to be loved. I believe this from the very bottom of my heart.  Some people spend whole lifetimes trying to deny themselves the magic and wonder of being loved.  The world is weird, man.  People are becoming increasingly disconnected from other people and I can only conclude that this is because of an underlying fear of really sharing ones self with another soul.  Its scary, but even if you open that door and subsequently have to shut it, I guarantee your heart is better for it.

3.)  People are really weird. Some of the most amazing and inspirational people I have ever met are also the weirdest.  The old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover” couldn’t be more true.  Some people who appear to be so transparent can sometimes end up being the most hidden.  And some of the most nondescript can end up being the most magical and unhinged.

4.)  You’re not better than anyone. This is not a race, y’all.  I had a crash course lesson in this when I was 16 years old.  Suddenly I realized that competing against the world at large would only bring me misery, and worse off, would be a complete waste of my precious time in this brilliant and bizarre world.  Quit comparing.  Quit hiding yourself.  There’s always someone who is more _______than you.  Find yourself and love the s**t out of it.  If you can’t- who will?

5.)  Mean people are just fearful. It’s hard to not return rudeness with rudeness.  I’ve slowly learned this since moving to the east coast.  But if she’s rude to you, and you’re rude to her where do you end up? Next time someone is mean to you or cruel, remind yourself that that person is just fighting a battle they haven’t overcome yet and that most likely, that s**t aint yours to bother with.  Let it go and it will let go of you.

6.)  Everyone’s a teacher. At some point you realize that you’re an eternal student. People all around you are here to show you something new.  Listen to other people.  When you are most convicted about your own beliefs it is a prime opportunity to step back for a moment, truly listen to the other side and work out whether or not you subscribe to their belief or sentiment. You’ve changed people’s minds about a lot of things, let them change yours.

7.)  Being tender and open is beautiful.  As a woman, I feel continually shhh’ed.  Too sensitive.  Too mushy.  Too wishy washy. Blah blah.  Don’t let someone steal your tenderness.  Don’t allow the coldness and fear of others to tarnish your perfectly vulnerable beating heart.  Nothing is more powerful than allowing yourself to truly be affected by things. Whether it’s a song, a stranger, a mountain, a rain drop, a tea kettle, an article, a sentence, a footstep…feel it all – look around you- all of this is for you.  Take it and have gratitude.  Give it and feel love.

This list is by me for you. xox amelia

You can read more from Amelia Olson on her blog.

  • Alycia Lourim

    this article is so beautiful and exactly what I needed tonight. It is raw and pure and contains everything that love is. these are the things we as humans need to be reminded 0f on the regular because too often we get caught up in our own stuff and forget to look around. thank you for this tonight, it has lifted my spirit and re-inspired me. xoxo

  • Nick Huff

    thank YOU!

  • Amalia Pantazi

    Lovely and absolutely true! Thank you, Amelia, for reminding me some things I never should have forgotten! xo :)

  • Kate Richmond

    Absolutely gorgeous article! Thanks so much for reinforcing my faith in human potential for kindness :) xo <3

  • Ana Lugo


  • Holly Winn

    I completely agree. Thanks for posting.

  • Ciji Palik

    I can’t express how much I love this article. Thank you!

  • Pete Starbuckzz

    Very good, inspirational stuff. Tho i do enjoy all your stuff, i like that this one is more gender neutral, and i feel it applies a lot more to me that some of the specific girl advice.. either way, you write well and hope you never stop !

  • Adrienne Clune

    to post a comment

  • Erma Basila

    These are great reminders to think about when you feel stuck in a rut. Thanks for this! 😀

  • Ronney Alex Rodriguez

    Wow. Are you kicking around in my mind? My exact thoughts. Love <3

  • Lee Tong

    Very touching and sweet to the soul. Made me reflect on my own artwork. hehehe.

  • Camilo Francisco Cayazaya

    This is a very truthful and wise article. I know it sounds mushy and cheesy but these thoughts are really at the core of where you will find happiness. Most of us are depressed writers and romantics, but when we grow out of that mindset we discover a lot of these rules/suggestions/points for ourselves. I agree with all of them.

  • Sam Semic

    I love this article. It’s so amazing how a few words can open your eyes even for a bit and inspire you to do better, to be better! Thanks!

    • Amelia Seashell

      The fact that you’re searching to become better is a pretty solid indication that you’re a good person who will have beautiful things to admire and appreciate throughout your life! Thank YOU for reading!

  • Tati Barrionuevo

    This is so beautiful! I really needed this! Especially the 7),because I’ve changed due to bad experiences but I miss myself!

    • Amelia Seashell

      Keep feelin’ and lovin’- you’re magic and special and no one can squash the good parts. Heal your heart and be free! The alternative doesn’t sound so great does it? <3

  • David B Kutcher

    I love this article. Is it okay for dudes to post comments?
    Anyways I’m caught between wondering if you’re just that insightful to see the growing tendency towards social disconnections in this generation or if you’re just seeing what everyone with eyes and hearts should be noticing and calling a spade a spade. I’ve been noticing this too. I need to get better at this. I mean, I hardly know my neighbors for crying out loud! I don’t even know their names! Gone are the cherished golden days of the Andy Griffith Show where damn it the word community had an actual meaning and wasn’t simply used as a title for an apartment complex. What happened? I don’t look to the previous generation for wisdom, knowledge and insight, I just ask Siri, or consult with Google, I’ll ask Yahoo Questions if I’m desperate. Every (wo)man fend for him or herself! But if you get desperate, just ask the internet!
    Rant aside, I truly appreciate this article, and hope that some people out there actually take it to heart and practice what it means on a daily basis. It’s uncomfortable, but it’s where true life really is.

    • Amelia Seashell

      I really appreciate that you mentioned how “uncomfortable” it is. It’s very true. It’s sometimes crushing to be so available and nervous but as you said it really is where life is at. Having so many people respond positively to this article has affirmed so many of my personal truths that have been continually challenged by others (and even myself at times). What a gift to be on this earth just livin’ and learnin’!

  • Robert Remillard

    1. We are not alone in ant pratical sense. Man’s interdependence of man is quantifiable and undeniable.

    2.Everyone wants to love or be loved on their own terms. There is seldom any altruism in this regard.

    3. yes

    4.This will inevidably lead to mediocrity. If you want to be great you have to compete. It’s really that simple.

    5. Yes

    6. Certainly. A truly wise man never sees himself as such.

    7. The truest point in this effort. Maintaining “Tough” utilizes resources needed for other aspects of a satisfying existence.

  • Jeff Kane

    This is such a nice article. Thanks for writing it.

  • Frank Fraone

    This article can apply to men as well!

  • Amelia Seashell

    Thank you! Thank you! Magic all around, y’all! “It is well to remember that the entire universe, with one trifling exception, is composed of others.”-John Andrew Holmes xox

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