This faux-reality series follows Lauren, an avid Jane Austen and Filmore Girls (yes, Filmore Girls) fan, as the producers of her reality show decide to make things more interesting by swapping her bestie housemates for some less conventional ones.


Created by: Lauren Reeder & Jeff Newman

Executive Producer: Lauren Reeder

Director: Jeff Newman

Written by: Lauren Reeder & Jeff Newman
Produced by: Maximillian Elfeldt, Jeff Newman, and Jordan James Smith


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“Hey Hey Hey” (Living with Models Season 1 Theme Song) by Beautiful Things

“Livin, Livin, Livin” (Living with Models Season 2 Theme Song) by Christopher Given Harrison

Featured song S2Ep8: “Molina, oh yeah” written and performed by Trouble in the Wind.

Lauren: Lauren Reeder
Sammi: Katie Savoy
Cliff: Justin Ray
Cindy: Lindsay Katai
Sarah: Jessica Reiner Harris
Morelai Filmore: Carly Nykanen
Tori Filmore: Maggie Gwin
Robby: Robby Gira
Director Jeff: Jeff Newman
Gus: Devin Fearn
Michal/Donald Titkins/The Sarge: Jordan James Smith
Hot Lauren: Elizabeth Smith
Producer Cole: Kerry Hennessy
Javalene: Jessica Bailey (S2)
Kim: Tim Chiou (S2)
Raphael: Hayes Spencer (S2)
Courtney: Charlie Pecoraro (S2)
Jeff Probst: Shawn MacAulay (S2)
Lucas Fanes: Louis Iacoviello (S2)
Chris Farrison: Scott Reardon (S2)