Second Annual Bestie Day!Zooey Deschanel

Well, it’s the most wonderful time of year again… the time of year when all the streets are a flutter with good cheer and merriment, and… oh, so much merriment. That’s right, pals, you guessed it: it is BESTIE DAY!!!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What? Bestie Day has come around already? Where can I find a brand new picture of a baby ‘OG goth’ Panda? How am I going to reserve that private room in the American Girl store (I wonder if my Samantha doll has an in with the hostess)?, Do I really have to give (my bestie) my lucky lotto numbers AGAIN?”

Well folks, you’re in luck, because I have a brand new list of weird suggestions for how to use this day to appreciate your beloved bestie!

1. MAKE HER FEEL GLAMOROUS: You know what I mean. That’s right: CHANGE HER WIKIPEDIA PAGE. I don’t mean drastically, just subtly and in a positive way. Like, mention that she dated Johnny Depp or that she’s fluent in Portugese or that she was born in Vienna. It doesn’t have to be real, it just has to be awesome.

2. POST PRETTY PICTURES: Post a picture of a Reality Bites-era Winona Ryder, or Michelle Pfeiffer in Scarface and tag it on Facebook as your bestie. She will feel SO happy when she gets compliments on her doily dress and her cute new boyfriend played by Ethan Hawke, or her cool blond bangs and relationship with acting legend Al Pacino.

3. LET HER KNOW YOU CARE: Make her initials in pancakes. Yum. Who doesn’t love personalized pancakes? Delicious and dedicated. These don’t travel well, so you will probably want to invite your bestie over to yours, or better yet, bring the batter to her house and surprise her in the early a.m.!

4. GET YOUR HUG ON: Put on your favorite jam(z) and give your bestie a big hug. Or, if she’s weird about that stuff, give her a really super aggressive high five. Nothing says love and friendship like slapping palms so hard it stings.

5. LET HER PICK OUT YOUR OUTFIT: Warning: If your bestie ever tried to kill small animals growing up, I suggest you skip this one. However, if you feel certain that your bestie would score below a 25 on the sociopath test, then I feel it’s safe to tell her, “The sky’s the limit! Dress me as you will!” Remember, polite society requires that you do wear clothes in public, so be prepared to have a few perameters just so you can avoid being arrested. Nothing ruins Bestie Day like a trip to prison. Wah wah.

I hope you all have the merriest, most festive and best Bestie Day yet. And if you really want to show your bestie you care, you can also send her a totally awesome e-card made especially for HelloGiggles by American Greetings! This is helpful particularly if you have a long distance bestie, but really any bestie would love it!

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  • Ruth Williams Gomez

    i love you Zooey! i wish you were my bestie! you are amazing! i just sent it to my Bestie!

  • Megan Lorraine Younce

    yes!! I just sent this to my besties!! (Including my momma and sister)

  • George Dougal Papador
  • Alison Faye Shelley

    This is so wonderful!! I sent my bestie a card. I’m sure she’ll love it! Thanks for being so light and wonderful and bringing out the beautiful things in life.

  • Yolanda Miranda

    YAYY! its bestie dayy thank Zooey

  • Christina Mathena Carlson

    Sent this to my husband, as he is my “bestie.” Not sure about the outfit picking part, but otherwise the bestie day suggestions should work out great.

  • Rebecca Doris

    yeah forget pearl harbor, it’s bestie day!!!

  • Lorehorrible Ciora

    i have clicked on the link to the cards thirty thousand times, and i don’t see “bestie” cards anywhere. what am i doing wrong?!?!!?

  • Amy Smudrick

    Yay for bestie day! I think this is my second favorite right behind my anniversary! I’m going to give my besties home made gifts and cards <3 and since I'm a hair dresser I might do some hair cuts too! To the girl with the question on the bangs (Nadya)- if you will pull your bangs together (i like to use either a semi-circle parting for people who part their hair on the sides or a v shaped parting if you like to part it down the middle) and loosely cut your bangs a little longer than you think you should. Remember- less is more! You can always cut a larger section or cut them shorter, but once it's cut, you've got to wait for it to grow out :-) I know I'm not Zooey, but I hope that helped! Much love to you my fellow Zooey fan friends and happy besties day eve!

  • Jen Anderson

    Love this! I just posted it on the FB walls of my BFFs! It’s always nice to let the awesome people in your life know how much they mean to you! :)

  • Alycia Lourim

    my two bestest of bestest are currently in the LA area for school boo :( the holidays cant come sooner!

  • Marney S.

    So excited to send the ecard to my besties as a surprised :)

  • Amy Bechtold

    this is SO great! my bestie and i are going to partake in it. <3

  • Jamie Green

    Nothing says your my bestie like Pearl Harbor Day.

  • Brittany Haskins

    Since December 7 is my birthday, all of this should be happening to me anyways. ;)

    • Thu Ngo

      It’s my birthday too!! Can we be besties?

  • Kourtney Christine


  • Rachael Graham

    oh and its on my bday too! its going to be too cute for words

    • Brittany Haskins

      yay for us Pearl Harbor babies!

  • Hernandez Diaz

    ~Thanks for the advice, I will try to Celebrate Bestie Day with my Best Friend~

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