School Bans Boy From Sports Because Of Pink ‘Cancer Awareness' Hair

Mike Barker was recently banned from attending a track meet because of his pink mohawk. His mother is a three time Cancer survivor and Mike had promised her he would dye his signature mohawk pink for some time, but just recently changed it during the track season. He was told by the school that he would need to get rid of it because it went against school policy. That he would have to make a choice.

The media jumped on this story but Mike wanted to tell his side of things in his own words without any editing:

  • Ivo Hausknecht

    This is ridiculous, why discriminate a normal boy, who is actually supporting a good cause with banning him from team. I think it’s sad and pathetic that they have to follow this policy and kick him out, all because he dyed his hair. The logic in this is just flawed.

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