Schmidt's Work Out VideoZooey Deschanel

If anyone knows about looking good and staying fit, it’s Schmidt. Check out Max Greenfield’s genius advice for looking your best in the video above, and don’t forget to tune into New Girl on Tuesday at 9/8c.

Also, in case you missed it, check out Schmidt’s take on online dating!


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  1. Schmidt is amazing! I love him so much and I would like to work out with Schmidts someday. :)
    Loved the video!

  2. Check out 0:36 I had to watch it twice because I couldn’t see through the tears.

  3. Ahahahahahaha!! All I saw throughout the whole thing was the capri tights! Only Schmidt! :D

  4. i think i have a crush on schmidt!?

  5. Tremble. Treble? Treble. Tremble?

  6. Oh Schmidt… haha… So sexy…oh and those tan lines ;)

  7. Now toss a rooftop cat in the class and watch Schmidt try to pedal away from it.

  8. Schmidt has a farmer’s tan…

  9. Haha…this is so fitting after that SoulCycle class. Love it.

  10. waiting for him to shout out “WINNING”

  11. If Ron Swanson had a polar opposite…

  12. this is so great! Schmidt needs to come teach my spin class!

  13. That was Magical! ;)

  14. lol yes atleast $100 in the douchebag jar! lol

  15. $100 in the douchebag jar. :)

  16. hahaha, nice pants..

  17. He is just too adorable!

  18. “Get my fit on!” Oh Schmidt! Bahahaahahaha:)

  19. He could come visit The Netherlands he might enjoy the biking here ;)

  20. Lol

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