Schmidt Is Looking For Love… Online

If The Hills, The Parent Trap and my worst nightmare had a baby together, this would be it. In short, MAX GREENFIELD IS A CRAZY MAD GENIUS. So, without further ado, I give you SCHMIDT’S ONLINE DATING PROFILE… from 2008.

Don’t forget to tune in to Fox at 9/8c on Tuesday for New Girl‘s Christmas episode!

  • April McLean

    Done. I’ll take him! Do you do complimentary wrapping?

  • Jenny Lonussen

    LOL Schmidt/Max Greenfield rules!

  • Caryn Hermanson

    I love everything about this show!

  • Evie Totty

    LOLOL fantastic!

  • Amber Alvarado

    that was brilliant…and so so weird

  • Priscila Santos

    LOL! Oh Schmidt…

  • Bonnie Birdsell Williams

    Oh Schmidt. Definitely the most lovable tool since Barney Stinson.

    • Lyraida Maldonado Caraballo

      I couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Tabitha Morran

      hahaha Barney Stinson still wins out though

  • Liz Haebe

    Oh my goodness. I almost choked on my oatmeal I was laughing so hard. I LOVE SCHMIDT!

  • Erin Kowalsky

    It’s really hard watching videos like this in the office.. and having to explain why I fell out of my seat laughing.

  • Yajaira Nuribeth Calderon

    Haha! He didn’t give out his number though. I would so date Schmidt. I would date him so hard, and adore the hell out of him!

  • Jennifer Sacks


  • Rae Ghun

    I love Schmidt lol.

  • Michael Foley

    That reminds me. Where’s the D-Bag jar again?

  • Amy Johnson Hayward

    Lol…I think i peed a little.

  • Megan Miolla

    LOVE IT!!

  • Lee Prew


  • Ceci Morandeira

    That merits like $20.00 for the douchebag jar.

  • Ashli Rae

    DIBS. Scmidt is one sexy weirdo guy. LOVE!

  • Sepideh Zarrinkelk

    at some point I expected him to make out with his self!

  • Kelsey Cartwright

    If he changes his outfit that many times in one day then I’ll pass, too high maintenance for this girl haha

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