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Moms come in all kinds of types. And no matter what kind of mom you have, the best part is that she’s all yours. I love Moms; they make me feel all gooey. Here are about ten that I’ve gotten to know and adore.

You know this mom. She’s the one who follows you around in the playground, she stands in the dressing room with you while you’re trying your clothes on, she is not into you having sleepovers. She also is awesome in the way that she likes to cuddle, she doesn’t mind baby talk and you know she will always be on time to pick you up from wherever you are.

The Super-Mom outdoes all the superstars—from Martha Stewart to Martha Plimpton. The Super-Mom bakes bread from scratch, she plans elaborate birthday parties, she will always set a plate for you at her dinner table. The Super-Mom can help you with whatever level of math you are at, she will ride the rollercoaster with you and she will leave you sweet notes in your lunchbox. My BFF has a Super-Mom and I love to going over for a sleepover or even just a drive-by and I am usually a little sad that I have to leave the house of Super-Mom.

Oh, this Mom is special because she’s not a big old drag. The Loosey-Goosey Mom doesn’t have set rules about the amount of time you can spend on XBOX or Wii. She doesn’t mind if you go on YouTube, she’ll let you eat whatever snacks you want. The Loosey-Goosey Mom also doesn’t mind if you stay up late to watch Saturday Night Live and if you want to go to the movies with your friends, she’ll say okay. Basically, the Loosey-Goosey Mom is helping you be the independent superstar you want to be.

This is the Mom who is just cool. She’s got great style, she’s funny, she’s got this chill inner strength, she can hang with your friends without creeping them out, she’s got really big heart. She into music in a way that most parents aren’t, she knows way too much about French cinema, she doesn’t drag you to boring things, she likes to go out for dinner and sometimes brunch and she’s just an awesome mom. I have her
Best mom ever!

This Mom sometimes forgets that the center of the universe is not her and I’m not saying it in a rude way. This Mom is like super-fierce, like she walks really fast like she’s on a mission and she’s super into everything that’s happening at school, like she’s at every bake sale and every movie night and she’s always the Mom who is talking to everyone. Okay, sometimes she doesn’t listen to you when you ask for a glass of water because she’s super-busy making things happen. Also, since  she’s a little high energy, you get to have, like, a cool stairmaster or exercise bicycle in your house.

This Mom spends a lot of time on her blackberry and she probably has an iPad which she’s always looking at even when you’re talking to her. She goes on lots of business trips and the only time you see her is at one of her kids’ birthday parties. The thing about the Workahalic Moms is that you know they are working so hard to take care of their family and you know that when she comes home later at night, she makes a beeline to your bedroom to kiss your forehead even if you’re asleep.

This Mom makes sure you eat three balanced meals a day. You know for sure your lunch is going to be better and healthier than anyone else in the lunchroom. You eat things like edamame and sushi and steak and dhosas and you enjoy it; you eat things like tofu and seitan and it doesn’t gross you out. You wouldn’t dream of having soda at breakfast instead of milk! Your Mom is not into candy and you don’t care, that’s how sophisticated your tastebuds have become!

Sporty Mom is basically Sporty Spice all grown up. She is on her way to the gym or coming back from yoga, she’s super-fit and likes drinking power shakes. She’ll walk you to school and she’ll walk with you home and on the weekends, she’ll take you on hikes where you get to have alone time with her and that’s just the best.

Those housewives on reality TV? Meet the Real Housewife Mom. She’s the Mom who invites your friends over and has snacks that everyone loves, she’s the Mom who sews your Halloween costumes from scratch, she’s the Mom that hangs out with the Super-Mom and shares recipes. The Real Housewife Mom loves to hang out at home and her home is where she does her work and she’s totally into it. And when you get home from school, she’s there to hold you tight and then show you how to churn butter. (Just kidding on the butter stuff.)

Like the Super Mom, the crafty Mom can make stuff. From scratch. She can take left over yarn and sew a sweater for your doll. She can sew a dress without consulting a pattern. She can bake fluffy cupcakes. She can crochet beaded bracelets that she’ll let you sell at the school fair. And she’s psyched when your friends ask if she can show them how to knit. The Crafty Mom is into making you cool stuff and it’s pretty cool to be all like, yeah, my Mom made this.

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