Ryan Gosling Loves Crazy ChicksErin Foster

I feel like you guys don’t fully understand the nature of Ryan’s and my relationship. It’s super complicated.  To say he sends me mixed messages would be a severe understatement. He’s in a weird place in his life. He’s been in a lot of long term relationships and he just doesn’t know if he’s ready to settle down with someone because we are both at that age where sooner or later the big “M” word starts getting thrown around. He just needs a little space before he can fully give me himself forever and ever.

Here’s a glimpse at our undeniable chemistry together. Love is so crazy!

Directed by Justin Coit


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  1. Awesome, turn up the volume again. So real.

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  3. Again, the host is beautiful outside.

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  5. [...] Ryan Gosling loves crazy chicks [...]

  6. haha, very good.

  7. *snicker*

  8. People date, people throw, people forget, people have fun, and I just want say “Hello!” to Ms. Erin Foster (actually, mature already), you’re beautiful.

  9. Oh-ma-gawsh that was fantastic!!

  10. Erin, you are freakin’ hilarious! I went to see Drive yesterday and now I believe I am actually dating Ryan Gosling, but I didn’t realize he was already dating you. I will back off.

  11. Gods gift to women: Gosling

  12. story of my life with james franco and zac efron. me and orlando bloom were an item but then he had to go and get married and preggo with that hot VS model. shes not annoying like kate bosworth so i said we could be friends.

  13. Awesome!

  14. This is so fantastic, So funny!! I freaking love this movie.. I need to see it again. (7 times wasn’t enough) Erin you rock :D

  15. i can’t wait for watching DRIVE in Germany…

  16. hey erin funny..

  17. what is the name of the song in the end?

  18. hilarious…just saying..

  19. this is awesome hahahaha

  20. LOL this was the best “they live in LA, i know, i read it online” hahaha. you’re pretty. you should date him girl!