Ryan Gosling Interviewed by Crazy Ex-GirlfriendHelloGiggles Team

Erin Foster and Ryan Gosling have a pretty complicated relationship. Watch Erin as she “interviews” her ex-boyfriend Ryan Gosling. Maybe there is still hope for them.


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  1. This is great!!!

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  3. Hey girl, you cray-cray. LOVE THIS!!

  4. too funny! i love this!

  5. Erin, you are a freaking riot. It is so cool to see the incredible woman you have grown into! I only spent a short time with you and your sisters but it is still neat to me to see where you are today. You are AWESOME!

  6. Erin Foster is my heroine

  7. erin you are so great!! i bet ryan would totally (really) do one of these videos with you!!

    • Haha it would rock so many people’s worlds (including mine) if he really did one of these with her. I think he would be quite willing indeed, considering how amused he was at the ‘Hey Girl’ memes.

  8. LOLS

  9. Ahh this had me laughing so hard, I love Ryan Gosling, hes beautiful!

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