Rudolph the Red Nose Car

Alright guys, I know Hello Giggles is supposed to be a fun place to visit, but today, we have to talk about something very serious. I need some answers and I need you to give them to me.

So, this morning while driving to work, I was jamming out to my boyfriend Drake, daydreaming about our future together, laughing to myself thinking of all the cute things our kids will do… oh okay, I’m getting carried away. No, not about our kids, that is real. Anyhow, so yeah, I’m rapping along like my name was Nicki, sipping my Starbucks, and I look in my rearview mirror and what the heck do I see? Freakin’ Rudolph the Red Nose CAR! I inch forward a little bit, sneak another peak in the rearview and sure enough, Rudolph the Red Nose Car has antlers as well.

Someone, anyone, everyone, please, pretty please with sugar on top, tell me why Americans love to dress their cars up for the holidays. I just can’t wrap my head around this. I mean, I’m sorry but it’s weird. If you are one of the people that do this, well, GO YOU! You are very bold.

After a bit of research, I found that a decent quality Rudolph Car Dress Up Kit costs about $35. Now, I know that isn’t very much money, but I can think of a quite a few other things that I’d rather do with $35, especially this time of year, not to mention the embarrassment of driving around in a car with a red nose on the front bumper. You can buy your holiday mani/pedi with $35 or hey, how about a half tank of gas (see that, half, what a rip off)? Or here’s a thought, buy a dress to wear to a holiday party. I mean, your car shouldn’t be more dressed for the holidays than you are, right?

Rudolph the Red Nose Cars turn me into the Grinch. I’m sorry that I’m not sorry, but I just hate it so much. If I weren’t afraid to hurt someone or myself, I’d drive around and ram every car that wore an outfit. Oh, and also, how come Rudolph the Red Nose Car has a red nose and antlers, but NO tail? That’s kinda rude. Anyhow, I have to run, my car has an appointment with her stylist.

Happy Holidays to all. Best wishes throughout the New Year and always. I hope and pray that all of your wishes and dreams become your reality. Shoot for the moon, land among the stars, and never stop dreaming.

XO Candice

  • Cait Webb

    Mine was only $10 at Walgreens!! Merry Christmas <3

  • Ricardo Vargas

    Hahaha great post but sadly I have a reindeer car as well and it was also $10 😀

  • Emily Starbuck

    I bought mine at Party City for like $15. And I have a VW Bug, so it’s literally the cutest thing ever :3

  • Jade Zivanovic

    I love them! We have them here in Australia too. The other day I was driving and there were several around me, and I felt like I was caught up in a herd of wild reindeer cars lol

  • Scott Casebow

    Yeah, I wish a half tank of gas was $35!

  • Leslie Rae Monk

    I think the same thing. And what of those people that tie wreaths on the front of their car’s grills? When will the madness end?!??
    Thank you for voicing what has been echoing in my head since I first laid eyes on this monstrosity. Hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    • Candice Sesi

      HA! The wreath is horrific!!! Merry Christmas to you too girly :)

  • Kristen Adkins Timko

    I bought my Rudolph car set on clearance at a Walgreens a few years ago and have dressed my car up ever since. I like that it makes me smile and that it makes other people smile, too. Not everyone I guess, but brining a smile to one person’s face is better than bringing a smile to nobody’s at all.

  • Candice Sesi

    HA! I love all of you guys that dress up your cars! You’re awesome; I could never do it!

  • Ashley Lynn Cook

    I agree, Candice, I could never do it as well! To me it just looks so incredibly goofy lol, and I’m a BIG Christmas fan, I love hanging tons of lights in the front yard and on the house, putting up a beautiful tree, putting out holiday decor in the house, sending cards, watching tons of holiday movies, etc….but the little antlers on the car doors goes a little too far for me XD (not putting down those of you who do, if it’s your thing, by all mean, do it! everyone has their own way of celebrating! :-D)

  • Jessica Jesco Nicole

    Guys I don’t think the point is how cheap you got your car dressup for. its the fact you bought it, and drove around town in it.

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