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Ruby's Easy Guide To Don't-Dos

It’s week 7 and I’ve been thinking about things that you should never do. It comes down to things that really piss me off. Like, sometimes when you’re trying to be a good friend, you may ask a question that makes your friend feel worse. Or, sometimes you see someone that you don’t really know and you want to talk to them or tell them something and you’re trying to be nice but really, you’re not. Or, sometimes you’re not really thinking along the lines of Good Karma and are just saying things that maybe you shouldn’t. Here are ten things that could be one of those “D’oh!” moments for you.

Thing 1: NEVER ask your friend if she is pregnant.

Sometimes your friend’s belly may look rounder than usual. As her friend, you need to keep your observation to yourself, because if you ask, “Hey are you preggers?” and she isn’t, you have really insulted your ladyfriend.

Thing 2:  Don’t be so nosy when your friend looks grumpy.

“Are you mad?” I hate when people ask me that. Do I look mad? I do? I don’t know about you but when I am mad or sad I just want people to LEAVE ME ALONE! I know that you’re trying to be a good friend, but sometimes the concern only makes the mad-mood worse. So if you think your friend is mad, give your friend some space!

Thing 3: Never say to your friend, “You look tired.”

“You look tired” is basically saying, “You look like crap today! Just letting you know!” Um, thanks for noticing! If your friend looks tired, make a mental note of it and move on.

Thing 4: Never walk up to two women and ask the older looking one, “Are you her mother?”

This happened to my adult friend and she was so insulted! A guy came up to my friend who was with her friend and the guy asked, “Are you her mother?” Not cool, dude. If you want to make chit chat with two women, just tell them your name and take it from there.

Thing 5: Never say to a girl, “Is that a mustache?”

Sometimes, you just can’t control peach fuzz! Again, make a mental note and move on.

Thing 6: Don’t be all like, “Yeah-yeah-yeah.”

When you go to a store with your friends and you try on something that looks horrible and your friends say you look great: Just tell me your honest opinion! Don’t let me waste money! Give constructive criticism, people!

Thing 7: Don’t be a big you-know-what. (Remember, I don’t curse!)

You know those people who talk about you behind your back and then when you are around them, suddenly they’re your friends? You know what I’m talking about. Here’s how not to be a big you-know-what: stop the behind-the-back part. Just be nice. I know it’s not easy to like everyone you meet and that people can be annoying, but it’s worse to be all BFF-y and then when the person is not around, start texting your friends about how so-and-so is this way or that way.

Thing 8: Do bring gum.

Suddenly, when you open a pack of gum, everyone is your best friend. It’s the easiest way to be popular for a minute.

Thing 9: Don’t break up with me through technology.

Dumping someone through text, really? That is just sad that you seriously couldn’t just go up to the person and tell them. It hurts more in text and it pretty much just shows that you are a lame-o.

Thing 10: Don’t be an interrupter.

You know when you are talking to someone and they interrupt you with something really pointless and you forget what you were saying? How annoying is that?

Example: “Did you know that cheese is-“
“I love dolphins. They are cool!”
“What was I saying again?”

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