Ruby's Corner!

So, I had bleached hair and it started to get really weird because of the pool and the sun. It was like, a blondish greenish. Not appealing! So I decided, “Oh, I am going to try to be all cool like Joan Jett and cut it off so it wont look bad anymore!”


This is what I wanted it to look like:

And this is what actually it looked like:

Very attractive, eh? Well, now I have to use gel, hairspray and hair clips for a while to keep it down. Oh joy.

Eventually, I got it to look like this:

But that was with A LOT of work. Of course, everyone at school just HAD TO comment on it. It was not noticeable until I showed people (I am sooo smart, eh?). Oh well. I HOPE it grows back…………..

My lesson learned: never cut your hair yourself, or THAT could happen.

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