Ruby's Corner!

So, I had bleached hair and it started to get really weird because of the pool and the sun. It was like, a blondish greenish. Not appealing! So I decided, “Oh, I am going to try to be all cool like Joan Jett and cut it off so it wont look bad anymore!”


This is what I wanted it to look like:

And this is what actually it looked like:

Very attractive, eh? Well, now I have to use gel, hairspray and hair clips for a while to keep it down. Oh joy.

Eventually, I got it to look like this:

But that was with A LOT of work. Of course, everyone at school just HAD TO comment on it. It was not noticeable until I showed people (I am sooo smart, eh?). Oh well. I HOPE it grows back…………..

My lesson learned: never cut your hair yourself, or THAT could happen.

Ruby Karp is a girl who loves to use exclamation points!!!! She has an awesome mom and a black pug named Rocky. She has a thing for performing, swimming and volleyball! You can find her on Twitter @rubykarp or visit her on YouTube. She hopes you enjoy her corner!

  • Shereen Hussain

    Good job on cutting it yourself! It looks good!

  • Andrea Linett

    I thought it looked cool before, too.
    Love your blog!

  • Beth Curry

    You did a better job at cutting it than I could do!

  • Becca Sands

    I’ve had my hair professionally (and expensively) done for the past six years, and it never looked so good! Your attitude, more than anything, is what makes you look great.

  • Katie Naugle

    Hehehe, I laughed so hard when i saw your “angry face” picture- you are too adorable! Yeah, I have definitely tried to cut my hair before, and then the next time I go to the salon, they always say, “…you tried to cut this yourself, didn’t you”. Maybe it’s just a just a lesson we all have to learn the hard way! But I think your hair looks great, and you’re right, it always grows back!

  • Alessandra Bloom

    Hahah Ruby I love you! I used to cut my hair myself all the time, and I thought it was great because I would wear my hair curly. And then I would use a straightener and it really looked like a dog attacked the back of my head. Not good.

  • Allison F. Gallaspy

    I’m always trying to be all cool like Joan Jett too! Ruby are we the same person?

  • Thamy Almeida

    You are one kick ass 10 year old!! Keep writing, you’re great at it!

  • Vernon Davis Jersey

    I saw your blog site on blogsearch engine, you happen to be a nice bloger!

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