Ruby's Corner!

Hi! I am Ruby! This is Ruby’s Corner! I am 10 (turning 11 soon) so here are ten things about me:

  1. I love to sing! Name a song, I’ll sing it!
  2. I have a really wacky grandma. For example: when I was 3, she gave me a mullet. My mom wasn’t too happy!
  3. Get used to it. I use waaaaay to many exclamation points! I once wrote a paragraph with only exclamation points after each sentence!
  4. I have a black pug puppy named Rocky who thinks he is a cat. Cats can jump high right? Well, he thinks he can too. My mom has a really high bed and he once tried to jump on it. He did a back flip instead.
  5. When I grow up, I want to be a writer! When I was in Pre-K I wrote my first poem. It is really bad but here it is: “It looked like a box, but it isn’t a box.”
  6. I LOVE ROLLER DERBY! Gotham Girls’ Manhattan mayhem is my favorite team!
  7. I am a really good cartoonist, but a really bad normal artist! In art, my teacher literally said about a self-portrait I painted, “This is really bad!”
  8. I am good at giving advice to other people, but not so much for myself!
  9. I am so obsessed with graphic t-shirts! I love the funny stuff they have on them! Like a picture of toast that says,” I am toast!”
  10. Some of the people who inspire me: My Mom, no words describe how awesome she is. Tina Fey and Amy Poehler because they are both so nice and so funny and great at improv, Rosa Parks because she’s not afraid to stand up for herself even when she was sitting down (on the bus), whoever invented YouTube because they are pure genius. Nicki Minaj – she is my idol!

That is all for now! See you next time on Ruby’s corner!

Hi! I am Ruby! I like to take long walks on the beach and- NO! I am a realistic person. I observe and write about the idiotic things I see. I am the BIGGEST goody two-shoes you will ever meet. I wont do ANYTHING bad. I loooooooove exclamation points and use them a lot! I have an awesome mom and a black pug named Rocky. I also have a thing for performing, swimming, and volleyball! I hope you  enjoy my corner.

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