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In honor of 4/20, here are 8 ways to incorporate weed into your beauty and skin care routine

Most of us associate weed with the feelings of inexplicable creativity and relaxation it gives us (or paranoia depending on your life), but what about the potential beauty benefits of hemp and THC?! Perhaps linked to the influx of legalization, the past few years have brought a growing trend in weed beauty products, which naturally sparked our curiosity (and our one-hitter).

It only takes a few minutes of combing through the intersecting worlds of marijuana and beauty to confirm that there is a generous selection of weed-themed beauty gifts you can lather on your face and body to achieve the glowing aura of someone who feels at peace with the world.

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An injection of weed in our beauty routine may be exactly what the doctor ordered since recent studies show that stress is on the rise in America. But what exactly do these products do — are there lotions that will get us high? It looks like getting stoned off serums might still be a vision of the future. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t an impressive amount of creative weed skin care products out in the wild.

We gathered a few of the most popular weed-infused beauty products on the market to see what’s out there, how they work, and what gets us blazed up (SORRY).

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1Pain and Wellness Formula Body Lotion from Lord Jones, $50

Lord Jones

This lotion boasts the ability to soothe away your cramping joints with its generous dosage of CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabinoid found in weed. The idea is that is not only soothes your skin from potential pain, but also helps fight inflammation and aids your skin in healing itself.

2The Glow from Jeffrey James, $48

The Glow.

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The Glow blesses your skin with the hydrating Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids available in Hemp oil, while also restoring your natural oil balance with Jojoba Oil, while giving you antioxidant goodness of Tamanu oil. Unfortunately, this oil won’t make you glow with the high revelations of a bong hit, but it might aid with your dry skin woes.

3Mongogo & Hemp Seeds Oil Cowash from Shea Moisture, $12

Shea Moisture

If you’re ready to free your hair as much as your mind, this may be the pick for you. The Mongogo & Hemp Seed Cowash boasts an ability to cleanse and detangle rough or damaged hair by deeply moisturizing your locks with divine trio of shea butter, hemp seed and mongogo. Will the hemp enter your brain through your scalp and make you inexplicably high? You’ll have to see for yourself.

4The Relieving Spray from Apothecanna, $26

Never leave home without it ✌🏽️

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If you find yourself regularly dealing with joint or back pain, the relieving spray form apothecanna may be up your alley. It combines CBD extract with the soothing plant properties of peppermint, juniper and arnica for a fresh-scented topical relief.

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