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Two roomies just launched the most surprising Kickstarter ever

But where did they get this crazy idea? According to their Kickstarter page, after watching a documentary about Harding on Netflix, “they realized their hallway would be the perfect place to house a museum dedicated to the 1994 American incident and the response.”

Harkins and Olen: Roomies on a mission

The 20-somethings realized that lots of people their own age didn’t know about the incident, so they decided it was time to educate— and explore the psychological divide between what they call “a Tonya” and “a Nancy.”

Both Olen and Harkins are comedians, but this is no joke.

“We’re coming into this with the utmost respect,” Olen told the Washington Post. “We’re not really focusing on the attack. We want to focus on these athletes, and the culture of reaction and gender stereotypes and how this defined so much of 1994 and so much of our consciousness.”

Turns out they’ve tapped into something real: their Kickstarter has raised almost $1,500 and their initial goal was $75. So what will they do with all this money?

According to their Kickstarter page their funding goal will be used “in the creation of exhibitions, including but not limited to the enlargement of historical documents (Tonya and Nancy pix). If there is enough interest, [Olen and Harkins] can begin acquiring artifacts, facilitate more public access, and curate grander exhibits. This includes people’s crafting projects, wax figures, historical reenactments, and other Tonya and Nancy related creations which can be deemed part of the cultural response to this event and therefore added to the museum’s collection.”

If Olen’s Instagram is any indication, the museum’s installation has already begun.

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