The Heatley Cliff

Romantic Movies To Inspire You/Wallow In

Are you enjoying a Christmas break? We are happily having some time off here at The Heatley Cliff. Helen Mirren (our housekeeper) has outdone herself again this year. The manor is spectacularly decorated with boughs of holly, wreaths a plenty, a 12 foot tree and loads of sparkly lights.

Sher and I will sometimes go for a brisk walk in the snow (not often), but usually we hunker down to knit the last of our gifts and watch plenty of movies. The cold weather, the fire in the fireplace and the cozy blankets (all handmade, thank you very much) make this time of year ideal for watching  romantic films. Perhaps you are in a loving relationship; if so, this kind of entertainment will make you want to give your honey a smooch or two. If you are single, these movies provide a safe environment for the best kind of wallowing. Yes, they may remind you that you are alone, but they also can provide you with a light at the end of the tunnel. There is someone out there for you, the perfect someone who will give you the love that you deserve.

Below is our list of favourite romantic films, so snuggle up and enjoy!

Roman Holiday

ANYTHING with Audrey Hepburn is a winner… and Gregory Peck, so hunky!

An Affair To Remember

Get your hankies out! This one is a saddie (but goodie).

The Notebook

Ryan Gosling’s hottest hour (except perhaps shirtless scene with Emma Stone in Crazy Stupid Love – another great movie, by the way).

Pride and Prejudice (2005 version)

Walk those moors, Mr. Darcy! My fave Austen adaptation and Joe Wright is one of my fave directors.

The Princess Bride

Beloved girlhood classic. Both romantic and funny. Also, dudes love this movie.


500 Days of Summer

Sometimes you think it’s the real thing. Sometimes YOU think it’s the real thing (spoiler alert, it isn’t always).

Love Story

Love means never having to say you’re sorry. Not exactly true, but you’ll be crying at the end nonetheless.

Say Anything

The ultimate teen love story. Lloyd Dobler forever.

Out Of Africa

Epic, epic love story. I am using the word epic correctly here.

The English Patient

You may not remember this, but Ralph Fiennes used to be super hot. He had this look, this smoldering “I’m gonna take you” look. He gives that look a lot in this movie.

Gone With The Wind

If you haven’t seen this movie (it’s too old! too long! blah blah), do yourself a favour and watch it. I swear to you, it holds up. And Vivian Leigh is insanely gorgeous.

Benjamin Button

Like a baby (literally), I cried during this movie. I love this film. I loved Brad Pitt (and I don’t always), I love Cate Blanchett (her, I always love). It is perfection.

Meet Joe Black

For my money, Brad Pitt at his sexiest. Even sexier than Legends of The Fall. This film is sexy in general, even though it’s about death, again, literally. Though clearly, Claire Forlani could stand to eat a sandwich or two.

Wuthering Heights

Heathcliff! So broody and moody…There are many versions of this movie. Ralph Fiennes and Laurence Olivier have both played this saucy anti-hero. But I like the Tom Hardy version. Yes, that’s the same Tom Hardy with the gas mask over his face as Bane in the last Batman. Pity that.

Love, Actually

A feel good montage of love stories. There’s something in this movie for everyone. Again, dudes also seem to really like this film.

PS I love You

EVERY SINGLE TIME this movie comes on TV, I cry. I swear I won’t, but I always do. I’m not that into Hilary Swank. I’m even less into Gerard Butler (he peaked for me in Dracula 2000) but I adore this story. The book is brilliant. PS, dudes DON’T seem to like this film.


I’m sure you all have movies you’d like to add to this list, so please do! Or, if you are over the whole romantic thing, you can do what my daughter and I are doing, having a Harry Potter-athon every night. You just can’t go wrong with wizards.