The Rock led a girls' soccer team in a Haka for "Fast and Furious 8," and it's pure girl power

Dwayne Johnson, aka The Rock and everyone’s favorite muscle man, is busy filming another installment in the Fast and Furious series as Hobbs. This time, Hobbs’ daughter returns, and in a sneak peek that The Rock posted on Instagram, he leads his daughter’s soccer team in a Haka, a traditional Polynesian warrior dance.

The Rock leading this group of blossoming soccer stars in a Haka is oozing girl power, and we love it!

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The traditional Haka was originally performed by a group of warriors before a battle, so it is fitting that Hobbs has taught it to the girls to pump them up before a big game. The Rock was super inspired by the Haka:

“Excited to share this very special HAKA with you guys. A sneak peek into one of the coolest scenes in #FastAndFurious8. It’s 💯 the most REAL and AUTHENTIC scene in the movie. No acting. Just from our hearts and WARRIOR MANA (warrior spirit). In the scene my daughter’s soccer team is playing for the championship. Score is tied. 2minutes left in the game. As their coach, I ask them to dig deep and harness their warrior mana one last time, but before they take the field, we will perform our HAKA to our opponent.”

We’re excited at the thought that we might be seeing a softer side of Hobbs in the new movie. Because usually he looks more like this:

Not that we don’t want to see some smashed cars. What’s an action movie for, anyway?

But we all know The Rock is a giant teddy bear. And he’s not above bribing children for popularity points.

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We love seeing these awesome ladies making their appearance in Furious 8. We can’t wait to see them kick butt, and soccer balls, next Spring!

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