Robyn – ‘Call Your Girlfriend'

I feel I’d be remiss in not highlighting Robyn‘s absolutely amazing new video for ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. From the sparse cinematography to Robyn’s sweet shag sweater and fierce dance moves to the song itself, there is nothing I don’t absolutely love about this.

One of the best things about Robyn is her ability to be (insistence upon being?) so scarily self-aware while also lacking the self-consciousness that would keep her from seeming so damn relatable. She has somehow managed to master the perfect pop formula while also delving deeper than that. Beneath the extremely listenable exterior of pulsing synths and layered drum beats, Robyn tends to bury lyrics that are sad, haunting and frankly, sometimes a little crazy. But that’s the beauty of it – she’s saying things we’ve all felt but have been too embarrassed to express to our closest friends, let alone to the entire world. And most importantly, she’s living proof that there’s no shame in doing so.

‘Call Your Girlfriend’ is no exception and continues to follow Robyn’s formula of unabashed honesty. And the video suits the tone – it’s exactly the type of song that you want to dance around to while alone in your bedroom, nursing a broken heart, or an angry heart, or a hopeful one.

I love Robyn, what can I say? If you don’t already, chances are that you will too after seeing this.

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