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My New Girl co-star, Max Greenfield, made this video of himself singing Rihanna whilst wearing prosthetic makeup and a whole lot of padding. The result is indescribable. Enjoy.


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  1. Really curious/excited about the Syracuse references in New Girl tonight. Did Max Greenfield go to Syracuse? Or did one or more of the writers? Thanks! -#Cusefan

  2. “we’re processing this video to a format you could play” :(

  3. Samesies, no go on the video front.

  4. I can’t watch it for some reason… :( Sad day.

  5. Won’t load for me either. :(

  6. Says its been deleted? =(

  7. it won’t load for me either…tried to figure out why, but no luck :(

  8. Sad face It wont load for me?

  9. Amazing!! Go Schmidt!

  10. From 3:00 on it’s STRAIGHT ILL! =D

  11. This made my life.

  12. He is a talented, talented gentleman.

  13. Awesome!!!!

  14. HOOmygod! That was super fun! :D

  15. Amazing make up!!! And so great his performance. I laughed a lot!!! I cant wait to see him on the show. Thanks Zoey for sharing this. :)

  16. And he still looks sexyier den evah! LOVE IT!

  17. At first I was, in utter shock. Then I decided to read the description, that is when it got funny.

  18. Dancing outside was unexpected and hilarious!

  19. amazing and Funny~

  20. I’m crying while I watch this.

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