VideosWatch Rico The Zombie's, aka Rick Genest, Camo ConfessionBlaire Bercy

Rick Genest went from living on the street, by choice, to being a successful model and DJ. His Zombie image has become so popular you might have seen a version of his tattooed look on Tate from American Horror Story. Rico is happy with his skin and so are we but there are times, professionally, where he wants people not to judge him before they get to know him. So he covers up.

“No matter what you are faced with in life, always feel proud of who you are”


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  1. I find him more attractive with the tattoos. Handsome guy :)

  2. He’s SO cute without the tattoo’s though. I feel like I can see the real him when he’s covered with makeup but the tattoo’s look good also

  3. Good lord, he is kinda beautiful. (both ways)