Richard Simmons Sits Down With HelloGiggles, But Only After An Hour Of CardioCorey Podell

A few months ago, I wrote about my awesomely fun time at Richard Simmons’ exercise studio in Beverly Hills, a must do at least once in your life experience. A few days after the class, I tweeted at him and he tweeted back (almost as exciting as the time Jill Zarin retweeted me)! Richard said that he WOULD like to do an interview with HelloGiggles, so after sweating through an hour of cardio, we sat down to chat for a few minutes and he is just as sweet and caring as I imagined him to be. For someone with such a silly persona, he takes his job VERY seriously – however, I appreciated that he answered my hard hitting questions like who his favorite Kardashian is… and it’s NOT who you think, you guys!

Check out one of his classes at Slimmons Studio!

Photo by Nic Stanich


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  1. I simply <3 Richard. I took his Slimmons class a few times while living in LA, and the first time was SUCH a pleasant surprise. I expected a cheesy, easy workout and I got a CHALLENGING, FUN day!!

    He has more energy than anyone I've ever met and makes you feel like the only person in the room. After the class, he sat us all down and told us his story – and got teary eyed as if he was telling it for the first time. Sweetheart.

    He is a true inspiration of health, love, generosity and acceptance! I strive to be more like him with my blog and my healthy living!!

  2. He looks amazing! And Corey’s lashes are FIERCE!

  3. well helllooooooo giggles! ohmygosh i heart him and always have.

  4. Richard Simmons is the best. So sweet! I hope he does get to meet Lady Gaga :)

  5. This MADE MY DAY. Love Corey and am totally crushing on Richard Simmons!

    Rebecca Fernandez | 9/20/2012 11:09 am
  6. that was amazing!

  7. I love your videos, Corey! Please make more! :)

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