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Revlon Dare – Vintage Glam

I took the Revlon Dare and I must admit I was super impressed with their products. Affordable, long lasting and most importantly…pretty. 
I’m a big fan of bright lips, so the Vintage Glam Revlon Dare was right up my alley…pink lips? Yes, please! In this case, I went with Revlon’s Fire & Ice.

I usually shy away from black eye liner, cat eyes and the like, because I’m terrible at creating a line that doesn’t end up being ridiculously thick from all my mistakes. Revlon’s Colorstay eyeliner has a fantastic little brush that makes lining your eyes, very easy. Plus, the makeup itself, is thick not liquidity, so it doesn’t run down your face!

I completed my look with their 3D Volume Mascara. Every makeup look needs mascara! I’m kind of a mascara snob but I’m totally digging this tiny bristled brush. It really elongated my naturally short lashes. I am now a fan.

And here’s my final look! Clean yet fun, inspired by Vintage Glam.

Now, are you ready to take the Revlon Dare? Learn how below…

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Photos by Sylvia G Photography

Sponsored by: Revlon Dare

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