OMG: George R.R. Martin Released a New Chapter From ‘The Winds of Winter'

If you’re a fan of Game of Thrones, you’re probably also a fan of the book series it’s based upon – George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice. If you’re a fan of both of those things, you’ll definitely be looking forward to the series’ sixth book, The Winds of Winter.

Luckily, Martin cares about us enough to offer a bit of something to hold us over in the form of “Mercy”, a chapter written a while ago but never before published or seen… until now. As he revealed on his Livejournal:

The new chapter is actually an old chapter. But no, it’s not one I’ve published or posted before, and I don’t even think I’ve read it at a con (could be wrong there, I’ve done readings at so many cons, it all tends to blur together). So it’s new in that it is material that no one but my editors (well, and Parris, and David and Dan, and a few others) have ever seen before, but it’s old in that it was written a long time ago, predating any of the samples that you have seen. The first draft was, at any rate. I’ve rewritten it a dozen times since then.

Anyway, I’ve blathered on about it long enough, I will let the text speak for itself.

And speak for itself it does! It’s so exciting to read a bit of the newest installment – which, by the way, has no release date as of yet. It’s unsure whether Martin has even entirely finished the The Winds of Winter, but I’m pretty sure when he does unleash it on the world, it’ll be absolutely brilliant.

You can read the full chapter over on Martin’s website HERE – but if you want a teaser of how it all starts, here you go:

She woke with a gasp, not knowing who she was, or where.

The smell of blood was heavy in her nostrils… or was that her nightmare, lingering? She had dreamed of wolves again, of running through some dark pine forest with a great pack at her hells, hard on the scent of prey.

Oh man. This is going to be so good.

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