Music, Fridays and Discounted Candy. Oh My!

I had trouble thinking of a theme for this week’s playlist.. I thought about doing a playlist to listen to on your way to work but I’ve done that. I considered making a Valentine’s Day playlist but I did that last year and love songs are great but unless you’re in love, they make you sad.

Then I finally realized what day it is… it’s Discount Chocolate Day! All of yesterday’s expensive boxes of assorted chocolate are on sale today! Hooray!

So I recommend a nice and quiet weekend inside with this playlist and all the candy your heart desires.

HelloGiggles: Music, Fridays and Discounted Candy

Agnes Obel – Brother Sparrow
Taken By Trees – Dreams
Oh Land – White Nights
Crystal Fighters – At Home
alt-J – Dissolve Me
This Old Ghost – Jumping Fences
The Drums – Money
Camera Obscura – You Told A Lie
M83 – Graveyard Girl
Steel Train – Soldier in the Army
Dirty Vegas – Little White Doves
Electric Guest – This Head I Hold

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