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Revenge Fantasies While Jogging

One of our BFFs, Mindy Kaling, has a new book coming out entitled Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? on  November 1, 2011!

Pre order here if you enjoy being happy and enjoy perfection. Mindy gave us the exclusive audio clip, ‘Revenge Fantasies’, to share with you! Do you guys ever workout or day dream and create certain revenge fantasies? If you do tell us in the comment section – your confession just might get you a book.

I do not say this lightly that this will be your favorite book. For now, you can just put the audio clip in your Walkman and listen on loop.

  • Sandra Duran

    hhmm I wonder where I can find this book in Mexico ciy but in english….. o.O

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  • Allison Aroz

    Revenger fantasy I’ve had: I wake in the middle of the night to hear a ruckus in the kitchen and get up to find out what is the cause. I stumble down the hall and turn the corner to find a hooded figure rummaging through my purse that was left on the counter. I scream out in terror which wakes my children and they come running in to inspect, I push them behind me while my husband comes barreling in with a baseball bat in hand. The burglar pulls a gun and shoots my husband and flees through the back door. I tell my children to run and call 911 while I tend to my bleeding husband. He dies in my arms and selflessly tells me to love again. I become filled with rage and hunt down the elusive being that murdered the love of my life. Through crazy CSI that doesn’t really exist in reality, I find out it was a rich man who burglarizes homes for kicks. Richy Rich thinks with loads of money he can run from responsibility but I do not cease in my vengeful hunt for justice. In the end he gets what is coming to him and dies by the same gun that killed my poor sweet husband.

    So excited for this book to come out! BONUS! It comes out on my birthday, so not only does new girl come back but this awesome book too. Best birthday ever? I think so!

  • Heather Forloines Green

    Yet another book on my reading list…

  • Kate Shinnick

    I got really sassy with a B&N employee like, two months ago, because I thought this book/bible was already out. I actually made him google the release date while being all, “ARE YOU SPELLING HER NAME RIGHT?? IS THE SEARCH FUNCTION CASE SENSITIVE??” So now I’m super excited to buy this on Nov 1st…online.

  • John Beck

    hi sophia. it’s been awhile since I’ve seen you in Horace Mann! Good to see you on HelloGiggles. It’s a fun site. Keep up the good work.

  • Maygan Lee

    I just about always have them (I think it’s what keeps me nice- I only fantasize revenge). They’re usually the daydream kind but they always work to either cheer me up or give me enough of a laugh that I get over what sets me off in the first place. Really though, they’re kind of boring to anyone but me because they fall under the perfect snappy comeback that leaves the other person with nothing to say umbrella :)

  • April McLean

    OMG!OMG!OMG! This is hilarious. H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S!!!!! I’m buying. Done. and. done.

  • Elizabeth Barrie Buck

    “Count of Monte Cristo But Boring”…classic!

  • Elizabeth Barrie Buck

    “Count of Monte Cristo But Boring” … classic!

  • Rachel Herrick

    I can’t wait! My best friend & I always share our revenge fantasies with eachother. Even when it’s about one another! My favorite came with my ex-boyfriend. We had a (let’s be honest here) TERRIBLE relationship. Whenever he’d start lecturing me, I eventually started noticing I’d slip into my own little world. It mostly included grabbing the closest items & beating him on the head ’til he got the hint, or imagining him as a cartoon character. The best is when I tell my friend what I’m imagining while it’s happening & we get to laugh together… and he has no idea.

  • Chrissa Hardy

    I’m super excited for this book! Revenge fantasies ALWAYS get me through a tough workout. I have one particular fantasy involving a mean ex-flame turning into a zombie that feeds on my happiness and I take him out with a sweet roundhouse kick and sword. Actually, all of my revenge fantasies involve a kick-ass weapon and karate. Was I a ninja in my past life?

  • Jan Brewington

    All of my revenge fantasies begin the same. I win the lottery…

  • Noelle Marquez

    I cannot! wait!

  • Michelle Olson

    I might be just as excited for this book as i was for Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”. Love it!

  • Emily Hopkins

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  • Emily Hopkins

    I read the excerpt of Mindy’s book and can’t wait to read the whole thing!!!

    Revenge fantasy: Today I was driving on the highway. I was in the “fast lane” and was already going 12 miles over the speed limit. This black truck that had been tailing me for 5 minutes decides to zoom past me and pull in front of me. When the lady pulls in front of me, she points over to the right several times, apparently telling me I’m going too slow and I should move! I take someone calling me a slow driver super offensively, because I like to fancy myself a speed demon (but still being safe). The whole rest of the time I was driving I was thinking about how I wanted to pass her and tell her off like she told me off, but I had to exit before I got the chance :(

  • Lindsay Moseman

    You are amazing! I will be getting this book.

  • Chloe Ball

    Seriously can’t wait to read this book. I try to refrain from thinking about revenge- it just gives me more acne and stress. No bueno!

  • Nicole Quallen

    My BFF has an awesome revenge fantasy to mess with a d-bag that messed with me: the guy is a Columbia MBA student who strung me along for awhile. We slept together while he was in town, he left right away saying he’d be back to say goodbye before going back to New York. Never saw him again, but three days later he sent me a text saying, “You mad, bro?” (Oh gaaahd, how did I fall for this shit?)

    My girl is now a post-doc at Columbia and she has a beautiful story played out in her head where she hacks into his Columbia grades, fails him in all of his classes, and delivers him a failing Grade Report on which she writes, in dramatic red pen, “You mad, bro?” That’s my girl!

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