Revenge Fantasies – Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Revenge Fantasies While Jogging

One of our BFFs, Mindy Kaling, has a new book coming out entitled Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? on  November 1, 2011!

Pre order here if you enjoy being happy and enjoy perfection. Mindy gave us the exclusive audio clip, ‘Revenge Fantasies’, to share with you! Do you guys ever workout or day dream and create certain revenge fantasies? If you do tell us in the comment section – your confession just might get you a book.

I do not say this lightly that this will be your favorite book. For now, you can just put the audio clip in your Walkman and listen on loop.

  • Christina Smith-Maillioux

    I love this girl! I’m not sure when I’ll get a chance to read it over here in France though.

  • Lauren M. Blanchard

    I WILL read this book, because this is my favorite genre of book (you know. the Smart, Funny Girls Telling It Like It Is genre)!
    Revenge Fantasies I Have Had: Pushing people down flights of stairs, Driving into them head-on in traffic, telling small, bratty children “the truth,” sticking used feminine products to gentlemen’s cars…. But I’m a lady, so I never have done any of these things.

  • Angie Marie

    love Mindy! Revenge fantasies are what gets me through the day of working with people at the local courthouse. However, I think my best revenge fantasies started as an elementary school girl who was picked on by the two mean girls in class (the “Ashleys”). My best form of revenge? Beating them in gymnastics competitions…on my trampoline…by myself. Every day. It’d always be close, but then I’d generally win in a heroic fashion. Man, those announcers had a lot of great things to say about me…and a lot of really mean things to say about how horrible they were at gymnastics. Ah, sweet, sweet revenge.

  • Yajaira Nuribeth Calderon

    Haha! I love Mindy! I cannot wait to get the book. Been looking forward to it ever since it was announced.

  • Jaime Hammer

    I can’t wait to read this book! Oh man, revenge fantasies…I think my favorite and most frustrating one is where I’m in a fight with someone and I know exactly what to say that will cut them like a knife. I have the right comebacks and they’re the ones left speechless. A girl can dream, right?

  • Brittany Wolters

    i always hope that the popular girls in my high school that were always mean to me get fat and marry ugly men. 😀

  • Rachel Upshaw

    I made an Advent Calendar counting down the days to when my pre-order iPad version is loaded. Well, not literally, but in my mind…

  • Fabiola Diaz

    Oh my god, how did she know I do this when I jog?! Weird.

  • Andrea Maclam

    Revenge fantasies? All the freaking time! My fave is when I run into that one girl from high school who was perfect – and perfectly mean to everyone – and she’s hit the skids because her looks didn’t get her through life like she thought. Should have picked up a book!

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  • Sophia Rossi

    What are some of your Revenge Fantasies While Jogging?

  • Katherine Costantini

    I do this at night as a relaxation technique (recreational anger is my white noise machine).

    In middle school, I was dorky and had no idea that fashion existed. In those dark days, my shirts usually had puppies or kittens on them and I was wearing whatever style of jean was unpopular. The middle school popular girls make fun of me in a series of montages that involve chocolate milk poured on my head, getting tripped in the hallway, and getting hit with a ball in gym class. As middle school draws to a close, I fade from the minds of the popular girls and go to a different high school.
    Cut to 15 years later. I am a wildly successful magazine editor for a fashion magazine in New York City. Like all romantic comedy heroines, I live in an exquisitely decorated apartment. I am clumsy, but my shoes are awesome and my hair is always perfectly styled. One day, my assistant, who is also my best friend because, as a NYC fashion magazine editor, I am always at the office or at fabulous events with supermodels and people who wear a lot of black, hands me an invitation to my middle school reunion (this is isn’t a thing in real life, but it is a thing in my fantasy). I hem and haw about whether I should go and consult my gorgeous architect boyfriend and decide not to go.

    Until I flashback to the previously mentioned montage.

    I rush and throw designer clothing in to a fabulous set of matching luggage (clearly a sign of a fantasy). I pass my adorable, like-a-father doorman who is always looking out for me, and he wishes me luck getting to the airport. I hail a taxi. I get in and we’re stuck in traffic just about a mile from the airport! I get out, throw a fistful of money (another sign of a fantasy) in the taxi driver’s window and make the mad dash to the airport. Luckily, I don’t look like a mess AND I make it in time to get the very last seat on the flight. The rest of the flight is peaceful, well, as peaceful as it could be because I am panicking about seeing my middle school tormentors again.
    Skip to the part where I’m outside the venue. My dress is gorgeous, if not slightly avant garde (I am a magazine editor, after all, in NYC), my hair is flawless, but I arrive alone. You see, my gorgeous architect boyfriend couldn’t make it because he was busy working on a project that would make or break his career and he was racing to the deadline. Slightly forlorn, I approach the doors and behind me, the voice of my gorgeous architect boyfriend calls my name and says, “You didn’t think I would miss this, did you?”

    We enter the venue and I recognize some of my fellow dorky and fashion-clueless friends who are now wildly successful lawyers, doctors, and artists. As we are gathered closely in a circle, with brightly colored drinks in hand, the lead mean girl taps me on the shoulder. I turn, just slightly, not giving her my full attention. She says, “Katherine, don’t you remember me? I read every issue of your magazine!”
    I look at her over my shoulder and ask, “Who are you again?”


  • Haley Rae Neer

    My revenge fantasies while working out usually involve using my mind to make the treadmill next to me go up to 11 mph and the subsequent fall of the perfectly coiffed sorority girl on it. So she hasn’t REALLY done anything to me… but she might as well have. I mean really, who ACTUALLY just looks like a nice glowing sheen over their skin when they sweat? Aliens, that’s who.

  • Nicole Quallen

    My BFF has an awesome revenge fantasy to mess with a d-bag that messed with me: the guy is a Columbia MBA student who strung me along for awhile. We slept together while he was in town, he left right away saying he’d be back to say goodbye before going back to New York. Never saw him again, but three days later he sent me a text saying, “You mad, bro?” (Oh gaaahd, how did I fall for this shit?)

    My girl is now a post-doc at Columbia and she has a beautiful story played out in her head where she hacks into his Columbia grades, fails him in all of his classes, and delivers him a failing Grade Report on which she writes, in dramatic red pen, “You mad, bro?” That’s my girl!

  • Chloe Ball

    Seriously can’t wait to read this book. I try to refrain from thinking about revenge- it just gives me more acne and stress. No bueno!

  • Lindsay Moseman

    You are amazing! I will be getting this book.

  • Emily Hopkins

    I read the excerpt of Mindy’s book and can’t wait to read the whole thing!!!

    Revenge fantasy: Today I was driving on the highway. I was in the “fast lane” and was already going 12 miles over the speed limit. This black truck that had been tailing me for 5 minutes decides to zoom past me and pull in front of me. When the lady pulls in front of me, she points over to the right several times, apparently telling me I’m going too slow and I should move! I take someone calling me a slow driver super offensively, because I like to fancy myself a speed demon (but still being safe). The whole rest of the time I was driving I was thinking about how I wanted to pass her and tell her off like she told me off, but I had to exit before I got the chance :(

  • Emily Hopkins

    to post a comment

  • Michelle Olson

    I might be just as excited for this book as i was for Tina Fey’s “Bossypants”. Love it!

  • Noelle Marquez

    I cannot! wait!

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