Retrogiggle: Liquid Dancer Will Melt Your Brain

At first glance, this freestyle dance-off (from the Kollaboration talent showcase in 2001) seems pretty garden variety. It’s grainy, kind of studentish, and when the first guy in the white shirt throws down a perfectly adequate – though not particularly inspiring – robot, you would be forgiven for thinking you’re just settling in for one more of those “simulated-cyborg-meets-simulated-cyborg in a terpsichorean thunderdome” situations, which would certainly be fine, although again, not particularly memorable. And then suddenly, at around the 35 second mark, up steps “David from Santa Ana” in a preppy red crew-neck, khakis, and a pair of kicks so white they could reasonably be described as ‘Seinfeldy’. Unabashedly nerdy, at first he seems awkward and tentative but before long you realize that’s this dude’s swag, and it’s why he was one of the breakout viral video stars of the early years of YouTube. And with the nickname “Elsewhere”, you really shouldn’t be surprised to hear that since then, young David Bernal’s career has taken him far beyond Santa Ana, all the way to rehearsals for ‘This Is It’ at London’s O2 Arena, where the Wikipedia elves tell me he was collaborating with Michael Jackson just prior to his death.

(Video by Kollaboration00 via YouTube)

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