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DISNEYLAND 1981: (from left) Emily, baby Zooey, and Mary Jo Deschanel. (photo:Caleb Deschanel)

My mom is amazing. Among her many other incredible talents, she is ridiculously chic. When I was growing up, she managed to always dress herself AND her little humans (my big sister and me) very well. I interviewed her today about all of our ensembles on an outing to Disneyland circa 1981.

Zooey: Okay, we are good. We’re recording. I am going to start with the photo of the 3 of us at Disneyland. (I can’t believe she carried me around Disneyland like that all day!)

Mary Jo: Yes.

Zooey: You’re wearing a really cute black turtleneck with a black knee length skirt, burgundy knee socks, a burgundy handbag and brown platform sandals.

Mary Jo: Those sandals… I wore them in a lot of pictures. I had them for many years and they were secure, but they gave me some height.

Zooey: Right… That’s a nice bag. I love that bag.

Mary Jo: I wish I could remember where I got it! I am trying to find something like that now, a nice burgundy bag. I think I got that in Italy.

Zooey: Okay, and do you remember anything about that skirt?

Mary Jo: I think that’s a denim skirt.

Zooey: It doesn’t look denim

Mary Jo: You’re right, it doesn’t look denim when I really look at it. I think that was a skirt I got in France but I think the turtleneck, I got in Italy. I got it in a department store that wasn’t a very nice department store but they had a lot of these really simple, nice turtlenecks and I remember getting several. They lasted a long time.

Zooey: Now, can you tell me what’s the story behind Emily’s outfit? Where’d you get that Wisconsin sweatshirt?

Mary Jo: Dad got that for her. I think he was doing something in Wisconsin and he got that for her there. Her shoes are French, (the brand) Kickers. The skirt was a hand-me-down from a family friend. We had some very nice hand-me-downs from family friends.

Zooey: I notice that she also has very cute knee socks just like you, Mom.

Mary Jo: I tried to, you know, coordinate our outfits.

Zooey: Now, I look like I am wearing sort of like a knit… some pink stuff?

Mary Jo: Yes. And I think that was something I had from Emily. Emily of course had a very extensive wardrobe and of course we bought many more things for you too, but that was a hand-me-down from Emily. We bought it in Italy.

Zooey: Okay, it’s very cute.

Mary Jo: Yes.

Zooey: Now, do you know what prompted you to get so fabulous for Disneyland?

Mary Jo: I don’t think I was trying very hard. I think it was kind of what I just would put on. It was an every day outfit.

Zooey: Well, it looks great.

Mary Jo: Thank you.

Zooey: It seems like the lesson here is: shop in Europe.

Mary Jo: Yes, for clothes…

Zooey: So, shop for food locally, shop for clothes globally.

Mary Jo: Yes!

  • Antonella Gutiérrez

    Love it

  • Christin O’Brien

    Emily looks so young!

  • Paula M. Moncho Esteve

    well, you know what they say.. like mother like daughter! cute picture,cute family.. cute mini-you! :)

  • Kelly Twine

    Did anyone ever tell you you’d make a good reporter?

  • Sofia Sims

    Such a lovely photo – and a really interesting interview! I think it’s lovely to know the story behind outfits – I know that many of the things that I wore when I was little were hand-knitted by my grandmother, and that makes them all the more precious to me :) Even today, many of the things I wear are ‘borrowed’ from my mother’s closet, especially belts and blazers, and some of them she wore when she was my age herself! Lovely article, and thank you for sharing!

  • Modmom Blog

    i’m goig to copy her look for our disneyland visit next week :)

  • Amanda Elizabeth Sutton

    aw so cute

  • Jessica La Battaglia

    can I borrow your moms closet for inspiration? my mother has HORRIBLE taste in fabric let alone style… I’d like to thank every other female in the world for teaching me how to dress! :)

  • Megan Younce

    love this!

  • Christin Richter

    thank you so much for sharing something this private with the lot of us! it’s definitely not common to have your idols – haha, yes yes – to be this touchable! makes you reachable, more loveable. loving it! :D

  • Tina Lynn

    your mother is adorable! i wanna see more baby pix of you Zooey!

  • Acacia Gray

    Sweet post. MORE baby pics please..soo cute! :)

  • Paige Raleigh Minka

    haha love the convo between you two.. and your mother’s outfit is very stylish, especially because she didn’t try to put it together. love it.

  • Ashley Hayward

    Okay, everytime I see Mary Jo Deschanel I just think of Twin Peaks and, let me tell you, I get pretty excited.

  • Alissa Lima

    I have to say sometimes i steal “vintage pieces” from my grandma :O (She says im crazy) Zooey ur mom is super stylish, love her! Emily looks so cute! …”shop for food locally, shop for clothes globally.” totaly agree! ;D

  • Sophie Del

    That’s lovely! <3

  • Wini Lo

    a lot of my favourite vintage pieces in my closet actually came from my mum’s closet when she was younger! zooey, any pieces in your closet that were handed down from your mom?
    also, i’m a sucker for kneesocks. good outfits all around!

  • Samantha Granger

    This is so adorable (the photo + interview)!

    Effortless style. I wish I had it!

  • Robyn Pennington

    I love your interview! Europe seems to have such well made clothing. You’re lucky you had an older sister. I got all my older brother’s hand-me-down clothes when I was growing up and I haaaaated it growing up because I always felt like they were BOY clothes (duh they were) and I wanted better, GIRL clothes haha. But the Deschanel ladies all look so fabulous in this picture! Guess you got some great style lessons growing up :)

  • Kelly Marie

    hahaha loved this! “Eat locally, shop globally”

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