Retro Mom Style

DISNEYLAND 1981: (from left) Emily, baby Zooey, and Mary Jo Deschanel. (photo:Caleb Deschanel)

My mom is amazing. Among her many other incredible talents, she is ridiculously chic. When I was growing up, she managed to always dress herself AND her little humans (my big sister and me) very well. I interviewed her today about all of our ensembles on an outing to Disneyland circa 1981.

Zooey: Okay, we are good. We’re recording. I am going to start with the photo of the 3 of us at Disneyland. (I can’t believe she carried me around Disneyland like that all day!)

Mary Jo: Yes.

Zooey: You’re wearing a really cute black turtleneck with a black knee length skirt, burgundy knee socks, a burgundy handbag and brown platform sandals.

Mary Jo: Those sandals… I wore them in a lot of pictures. I had them for many years and they were secure, but they gave me some height.

Zooey: Right… That’s a nice bag. I love that bag.

Mary Jo: I wish I could remember where I got it! I am trying to find something like that now, a nice burgundy bag. I think I got that in Italy.

Zooey: Okay, and do you remember anything about that skirt?

Mary Jo: I think that’s a denim skirt.

Zooey: It doesn’t look denim

Mary Jo: You’re right, it doesn’t look denim when I really look at it. I think that was a skirt I got in France but I think the turtleneck, I got in Italy. I got it in a department store that wasn’t a very nice department store but they had a lot of these really simple, nice turtlenecks and I remember getting several. They lasted a long time.

Zooey: Now, can you tell me what’s the story behind Emily’s outfit? Where’d you get that Wisconsin sweatshirt?

Mary Jo: Dad got that for her. I think he was doing something in Wisconsin and he got that for her there. Her shoes are French, (the brand) Kickers. The skirt was a hand-me-down from a family friend. We had some very nice hand-me-downs from family friends.

Zooey: I notice that she also has very cute knee socks just like you, Mom.

Mary Jo: I tried to, you know, coordinate our outfits.

Zooey: Now, I look like I am wearing sort of like a knit… some pink stuff?

Mary Jo: Yes. And I think that was something I had from Emily. Emily of course had a very extensive wardrobe and of course we bought many more things for you too, but that was a hand-me-down from Emily. We bought it in Italy.

Zooey: Okay, it’s very cute.

Mary Jo: Yes.

Zooey: Now, do you know what prompted you to get so fabulous for Disneyland?

Mary Jo: I don’t think I was trying very hard. I think it was kind of what I just would put on. It was an every day outfit.

Zooey: Well, it looks great.

Mary Jo: Thank you.

Zooey: It seems like the lesson here is: shop in Europe.

Mary Jo: Yes, for clothes…

Zooey: So, shop for food locally, shop for clothes globally.

Mary Jo: Yes!

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