Rent-The-Frizzdrobe: The Fashion Your Lifestyle Craves

I went on a real adult date to the Planetarium a few weeks ago. I hadn’t been to the Planetarium since I was in 4th grade. I found myself asking “What do I wear on such an occasion?” Then I thought about my old pal Ms. Frizzle. She would know exactly what to wear.

Ms. Frizzle probably has the largest wardrobe of any animated character on television. I mean, think about it – most cartoon people wear the same thing every episode. Not the Frizz. Every episode, she has a matching ensemble to go with her amazing lesson plan.

My date would have been perfect if I could have done Rent-The-Runway with Ms. Frizzle’s wardrobe. Sure it doesn’t exist, but I could start the company. I’ve always wanted to be a small business owner. I’d call it- Rent-The-Frizzdrobe.

Maybe you’re thinking, “Rent-The-Frizzdrobe? I don’t have enough occasions for a site like that. I think I saw these looks during NYFW and I just can’t pull them off.” Sure you can, we all can. I’ve provided some examples below:

Science Frizz: This incredible number will make you feel like hot science royalty. It’s covered in magnets, light bulbs, rockets and test tubes, which is a super slimming pattern. You know, for those days when you just ponder the way things work? Like the space program, electricity and how cool it is that you have fridge magnets. This is the dress for you. It’s also not a bad way to start conversation with a potential sig other/science lover at a coffee shop. Rent-The-Frizzdrobe wouldn’t let you down.

Reading Frizz: Shoot, you just realized book club is tonight and you haven’t read the sister series to Girl with the Dragon Tattoo? You’re going to need a quick fix. That’s why the reading dress is perfect. The clever pattern of “A”s, books and numbers will probably be so academically intimidating to your friends that they won’t even notice you’re eating all the hummus and pita chips instead of answering the super engaging discussion questions. Plus, there are magnifying glasses on the dress showing that you are a considerate person and understand there are some people in the room who just don’t have 20/20 vision.

Nature Frizz: Are you a city kid? Do you have a fear of coming into contact with green vegetation because you think it might be poison ivy, even though it’s just grass? It doesn’t mean you can’t be adventurous and take a walk through a park. This look is chic and made of super protective heavy duty canvas. The hard hat is not only a great accessory, but it will protect you from falling objects, like leaves. There are tons of fun outdoorsy icons on the pants and it comes with a tool belt. You don’t even have to use them and they’ll still look super cool.

Planets Frizz: Are you in mourning because Pluto isn’t a planet? Do you think your BF is out of this world? If the answer is yes, I’d really consider renting the planets dress. This celestial gown is covered with moons, stars and planets. There is nothing like showing the people in your life how over the moon they are by wearing something so literal. Thanks to Rent-The-Frizzdrobe, now you can!

Bug Frizz: Whoah okay, were you checking your mattress for bed bugs again? Oh no, now you have them?! Then this is the perfect outfit for you. This dress is so swell you won’t even notice your bed bugs. Plus, why woud you want to wear your own clothes while you get rid of a pest? Rent-The-Frizzdrobe cares about you. Maybe one day we’ll have Magic Zip Bus so you can rent the Bee.

Hopefully as you get ready for the weekend ahead, you’ll examine your plans and take a second to think about what could be available to you at Rent-The-Frizzdrobe – if the site were ever really a thing.

For research purposes, what’s your favorite look? What look is best suited for your lifestyle? Probably all of them.

You’re Welcome,

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  • Jena Pasko

    Her astrological dress was always my favorite! And Saturn earrings? Genius!

  • Annie Lambert

    Man, I LOVED The Magic School Bus! I’ll admit to watching it as an adult once or twice or more times than I could count. Ms. Frizzle was truly fashion forward… I’d totally sign up for Rent-The-Frizzdrobe (as long as it included accessories!).

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      I can’t promise accessories will be included, but they will be available!

  • Kelley Fitzgibbons

    hey its your sister…recently I was wearing a khaki dress and my friends referred to me as Ms. Frizzle all night, I would be happy to pose for some glamour shots for Nature Frizz on Rent-The-Frizzdrobe

    • Caitlin Fitzgibbons

      Oh hey Kell. Thanks you’d be a great model for Rent-The-Frizzdrobe.

  • Chelsea Hauser

    I would be ALL OVER THIS!

  • Cherry Darling

    I loved it when I was a kid. Just the other day I said it to a friend: “it’d be great if I could have that amazing wardrobe!” I always wanted to have a teacher like her… I had a weird, hippy teacher with a plain-boring wardrobe, instead :(

  • Samantha Ritchie

    I was her for Halloween two years ago! I sewed her rocket ship dress! it turned out amazinggg!

  • Sarah Brents

    I have wanted to be Ms. Frizzle for the past 4 years and have never found a good enough dress. I need Rent-The-Frizzdrobe!

  • Annie Lynge

    Sometimes the kids at my school request that we watch episodes of “The Magic School Bus”, even though we’re doing much more complex things then we were way back in 3rd grade.
    I love The Frizz and Bill Nye, still, though.

  • Kim Mansur

    I was convinced my third grade teacher WAS Ms. Frizzle. She had the same crazy red hair and personality. Plus, our school had a book parade once where we had to make floats out of wagons and parade around the school gym. Our class did a Ms. Frizzle book. So yeah, it was pretty much awesome.

  • Katherine Gregor

    The first ambition I can remember having as a child was wanting to be exactly like Ms. Frizzle.

  • Lacy Mali Bender

    I would love a site like that! The Magic School Bus is a great show. :]

  • Danielle Bright

    My daughters went to Claire’s and got me some fast food ear-rings for my birthday. I totally thought of Ms. Frizzle when I saw the burgers, fries, hot dogs and pizza slices. So if I go to the ball park, I can wear the hot dogs. Swinging by In-and-Out on date night? I better put in a burger in one ear and the fries in the other!

  • Heather Hoopes

    Someone needs to make that site so I can rent/buy some frizz dresses. They were so fabulous! 😀

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