Recent Google Searches

Recent Google Search: What is a bikini bod, why do other girls have it and how can I get one, too?

Summer is here (it’s been here for a while but I was too busy with work to notice) and you know what that means! No, not weird looking toes or funky smells, frizzy hair, bug bites or second degree burns or any of that stuff. Worse: Bikini Season. (Or, in some of us love-handled girls’ cases, one-piece swimsuit/tankini season.)

My search results included this video that I found to be extremely unhelpful because I did those exercises about three times and I still don’t have a bikini bod. Maybe it was because I had five to seven scoops of ice cream in between exercises? Sigh. You try.

In my next article, I’ll be featuring one of our HG readers so send in your Google Searches to me on Twitter, Tumblr or write it in the comment section below and your search may be the topic next week! Have a good Thursday, everyone!

Image via and video by blogilates on YouTube.