Recasting '80s Movies With the Coolest Actresses of Today

It’s just been announced that Rebel Wilson, everyone’s favorite mermaid dancer, will star in a remake of Private Benjamin, an ‘80s flick that stared Goldie Hawn (or Kate Hudson’s mom, for those who aren’t up on their ’80s cinematic education). While there are some ’80s movies that should never be touched (leave Ferris Bueller alone) there are plenty of vintage movies that would benefit from a reboot with some modern talent.

Alexis Bledel as Baby in Dirty Dancing


She’s already mastered the bookish, ambitious type with a soft spot for bad boys.

Jennifer Lawrence as Claire and Aubry Plaza as Allison in The Breakfast Club


Let’s be honest, Plaza would probably dust a drawing with dandruff snow just for fun, no role required.


Anna Kendrick as Veronica in Heathers


Or she could just wait a few years and star in the film adaptation of the musical. So she’d get to be murderous, and belt it, which she’s been doing since she was a teenager.

Mindy Kaling as Sally in When Harry Met Sally


The season finale of The Mindy Project could act as her audition. No one else need apply.

 Shailene Woodley as Watts in Some Kind of Wonderful


And in a nod to her hippie cred, maybe Woodsley could play the lute instead of the drums.

Amy Poehler as Phyllis in Troop Beverly Hills 


It’s can’t be much harder than wrangling the Pawnee Goddesses.

  • Rachel Cilia Werdmölder

    Just a heads up, it’s Kaling and Woodley not Kahling and Woodsley :)

  • Sandy McDonald

    The only movie that should not be touched in this list is “The Breakfast Club.” The best part of that movie was the chemistry of the cast. That would be hard to duplicate.

  • Sara Christensen

    Perhaps we could get some actresses who aren’t pushing 30 to portray high schoolers.

  • Nicole Ashmoore

    I am not sure if they even should remake Dirty Dancing. I love the original.

  • Amanda Scade

    Most of these should never be touched. ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is perfection in romcom. I seriously hope it never gets re-made. Same for ‘The Breakfast Club’ and ‘Dirty Dancing’ – why even suggest it?! It really bugs me when filmmakers just re-hash old movies that don’t need to be re-hashed. It’s lazy. Think up something new! Most remakes turn out awful anyway.

  • Buffy Cutler

    Um no.

  • Katie Sholty

    Troop Beverly Hills! Amy would own that role.

  • Zoé Marie

    thank you for the C.A.M.P. reference. she rocked it.
    “you are a scary, little girl…”
    though, please…no musical remake of any of these.

  • Lauryn Wiseman

    no, none of these movies could “benefit from a reboot with some modern talent.” modern talent belongs in modern film.

  • Rachel Birk Kain


  • Jessica Rufino

    Sorry, but no. None of these movies should be remade!!

  • Darrell Dee Otteson

    These were horrible choices. Especially the Mindy for Meg and Shailene as Watts. What are u thinking???

  • Darrell Dee Otteson

    I think these are horrible choices. Especially Mindy for Meg and Shailene as Watts. Plus, I think the harder choice would be the male counterparts. I don’t see these remakes happening

  • Emily Graham

    Yeah, no… no, none of these should ever be remade.

  • Wild Flowers


  • Renee Harleen Kohler

    Heathers reboot! Yeess.

    But they were talking about a sequel a few years back? I don’t think Heathers would be the same without Winona.

  • Ashe Klott

    The Wizard of Oz (1939, the one *everyone* knows and loves) was one of over a dozen remakes. While some remakes are not all that great, saying a movie cannot be made better simply because you believe the original is already perfect is silly. In the right hands a remake of any number of these movies would be fantastic. Hollywood does not always pick “the right hands” but newer generations of film fans wouldn’t really know the difference. What you grew up with is perfect to you due mostly to nostalgia, not some inherent amazingness embedded in the films.

  • Ez Eggs

    Oh Please don’t!

  • Elijah Coleman

    Regarding Some Kind of Wonderful: Mary Stuart Masterson’s Watts was a punkrock tomboy hottie drummer girl – totally aggro but totally vulnerable to Eric Stoltz. Admittedly, she was my first celebrity crush, so I’m 100% biased. But you will have to do a whole lot better than whoever Shailene Woodley is.

  • Judy Eckman

    Is “Hollywood” running out of ideas? Did their imagination run away with the spoon? Resorting to remakes is just being lazy and getting paid for someone else’s ideas.

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