Rebel, Rebel, How Could You Know? Hot Tramp, I Love You So!

She had me at Juggalo. I was hit with a one-two punch in the girl crush department last year, thanks to a certain actress appearing in a little film hardly anyone saw called Bridesmaids, and her tour de force (in my humble opinion) guest appearance as a demented Insane Clown Posse Juggalo in Comedy Central’s Workaholics. No, it wasn’t Kristen Wiig or Melissa McCarthy, but a sassy Aussie firecracker named Rebel Wilson. I haven’t fallen this hard for a chick in a long, long time, and I think it’s serious.

What’s refreshing about Rebel is her awkward subtlety. Yes, pouring a bag of frozen peas on her infected, free of charge tattooed back was LOL worthy, but her delayed reaction to touching Kristen Wiig’s unshaved legs is what won me over. That and her ability to wield nunchucks in full Juggalo makeup while making Adam DeVine both severely uncomfortable and uncontrollably aroused. I haven’t been this inspired by a chick doing sharp, balls to the wall humor since my mother first introduced me to Gilda Radner and the Not Ready for Prime Time Players. She is the next in a great line of sidesplitting women proving that comedy is most assuredly not a man’s game, and that witty retorts and hilarious dialogue delivered almost as an afterthought, are a forgotten art form.

Rebel is also a fantastic throwback to some of the finest funny exports from across the pond. There’s the obvious choice of the AbFab girls, but let’s not forget Jennifer Saunders earlier partnership with one of my all-time favorite clever ladies, Dawn French. I won’t deny, we’ve been extremely lucky lately to play witness to strong, smart, hilarious gals like Wiig, McCarthy, Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Maya Rudolph and even Emma Stone. It’s a lucky streak I hope never fades. Young women today are bombarded by the media with unrealistic images of how our bodies should look, given a daunting timeline on when we should marry and have kids while still be accepted by society, and reminded every now and again that it’s best if women are seen and not heard because we certainly “aren’t funny.”

When will the world finally take a chill pill and just let funny be funny? If something makes you laugh, fantastic, if it doesn’t, then don’t rain on everyone else’s parade. Life is serious enough as it is, and at the end of the day, all we’re hoping for is a good belly laugh, and if luck is really on our side, then maybe a makeout session to boot. Which is why I cannot wait to see my new girlfriend in Pitch Perfect, aka, what is sure to be the finest cinematic masterpiece cinemas will see later this year. I’m sorry, did you say a capella battle flick? Oh it’s on like Donkey Kong. And get ready world, cause Rebel Wilson’s the new barrel blaster.

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