Rebecca Black Covers Miley's ‘We Can’t Stop'

Turn. Down.

It’s not as catchy as Friday, but this cover of Miley’s ‘We Can’t Stop’ showcases Rebecca Black’s voice.

  • Mandy Tavenier Knight

    I love it! She is showing everyone that she can really sing. I like her other videos as well. She actually sounds good! I feel sorry for her that her first video and song was so terrible. :(

  • Amanda Gibbons

    I want to hear more. If she wanted to just surprise us all and make it big with a hit album of deep meaningful lyrics and prime vocals and remain a solid female role model under the fame and then we would think back to how she started and just think that was funny I would be good with that.

  • Michael Reid

    Auto-tune. Both of their voices have a very slight touch of auto-tune. Nice try though.

  • Katie Austin

    This is like christian kids bop.

  • Aimee Mariah Smith

    This world of youtube covers, I often wonder if people actually know what they are singing about. It’s like listening to someone memorize lines in another language. It’s always obvious from tone, that they don’t really understand.

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