The REAL Girl's Wedding Diet


Brides who’ve never had the paparazzi stalk them for a pic of their engagement ring know that it’s key to balance your wedding diet with comfort food. Nosh on pizza and tubes of raw cookie dough when your bridesmaids come over to help you make escort cards out of foraged leaves and gold calligraphy pens. Shovel Chinese food with your mom while poring over seating charts. Turn up the Otis Redding station on Pandora, whip up some grilled cheese with that panini press your great aunt bought from your registry, and crank out those Thank You notes with your fiance.


Mrs.-To-Be, you’re not going to serve Zone bars or juice cleanses at your wedding, are you?! Good! Then stop calling them meals and start meeting with caterers — you need to try everything in order to decide whether you want a paella bar or a surf ’n turf theme. Or an Italian-themed menu, as a nod to your fiance’s heritage. Or fried chicken and ham biscuits, as a nod to your southern roots. Now, those are wedding diet meals!


Bride, you’re going to be busy dashing from cake tastings to venue visits to stationary stores to parties! You need to keep your energy up and add a fourth meal to your day: Brunch. Much like the spork and the turducken, brunch is another glorious combination of wonderful things. Here, you can multi-task by revving up your metabolism with bacon, carb-loading with french toast and hashing out the pros and cons of live bands vs. DJs with your Maid-of-Honor. Don’t forget to keep your fluids up, have a mimosa!


JUST KIDDING! The awesome thing about not being famous is that you don’t have to worry about a picture of your body being on the cover of a magazine for the world to judge how good it will look in a wedding dress. You’re going to look perfect on your wedding day not because of your diet, but because you’ll be radiating with happiness, surrounded by love and loved ones. This is such a joyful time in your life; all people want to do is celebrate you finding the person you want to share your life with. So enjoy it, and stop sweating the cake tastings! Let your skin glow from dancing your booty off, not from cutting out sugar. And know that no one will be able to tell whether you did 100 squats every morning or not, because you’ll be covered up by your gorgeous dress.

So go ahead, have another cupcake and raise a glass of bubbly to yourself!

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