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Real Girl's Kitchen: Rosemary Olive Oil & Sea Salt Ice Cream

No matter how they happen, break-ups aren’t fun. They monopolize most of your thoughts, make you want to go to bed at 8pm and eat your weight in ice cream. Sounds cliche, but I didn’t have an appetite for almost two weeks and once I finally felt like eating, all I wanted was ice cream. Then my mom said the magic words: ice cream, salt and olive oil. Three of my favorite things, all together in this magical little mason jar.

To add a little something special, I infused the olive oil with some fresh rosemary from my backyard. It’s easy – pour about a cup of olive oil in to a sauce pan and warm on low heat for about 15 minutes. Strain the old leaves out, transfer to a mason jar, let cool. Add some fresh sprigs. Voila!

What you need:

Vanilla bean ice cream

A couple sprigs of fresh rosemary

Olive oil

A good quality sea salt

Scoop your ice cream, drizzle with your olive oil, sprinkle with your salt.

Thanks, Mom.

  • Carrie Murphy

    looks delicious! i will have to try.

  • Becky Musser

    If you have a good balsamic vinegar, that’s ridiculously delicious on ice cream as well! (Make sure it’s the legit stuff, though.)

    • Femi Meaux

      That sounds awesome too! @Bekky Musser! I’ve got a nice fig balsamic that I want to give a try :)

  • Kayleigh E. Shuler

    This looks so, uhm, quirky! But delicious! I will be trying this.

  • Kristin Zaubzer

    I just made this & am literally eating it right now & I couldn’t get here fast enough to say how absolutely amazing it is! I so wish I would’ve thought of this myself. It’s seriously one of the best thing I’ve ever eaten. I’m reall glad I made extra rosemary oil & I’m wishing I’d bought a bigger tub of ice cream :-)

    • Haylie Duff

      wow! love that you love it! i just posted another ice cream combo… check it out on is a little naughty but so tasty!

  • Allison Hansen

    Wow, disgusting!

  • Erin Coley

    Okay…..never would have thought about this, but very curious! I’m going to try this out soon!

  • Erin Coley

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