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Real Girl's Kitchen: Peppered Orange & Watercress Salad

My ice cream haze has officially lifted, I’m back on the greens (thank goodness) and choosing vegan dishes for awhile. This salad is rockin’ because the oranges act as your “chicken” in this peppery and flavorful meal.

If you don’t choose watercress often, let me tell you why you should: It contains tons of anti-cancer properties, cleanses your blood, increases sexual energy (hell yeah!), gives you fresh breath and clears your complexion. Topped with the vitamin C from the oranges? Girl, you will be unstoppable!

Okay, I’m gonna quit pitching this one to you guys, I think it speaks for itself. What is better than creamy avocado, crunchy pine nuts and sweet peppered oranges? Not much. Oh, and when you think you have put enough black pepper…add a little more!



What you need:


Arugula and Watercress mix

Pine nuts (toasted!)

Purple onion ( I skip this part because I’m an onion phobe)



Olive Oil

Black Pepper

Kosher Salt

How to:

Wash your greens and let them dry…with a sharp knife remove the pith from the orange (it’s that bitter white stuff that makes one of your eyes squint when you bite in to it)…toast the pine nuts under the broiler…chop up everything…drizzle olive oil, add a squeeze of lemon, sprinkle with salt and shower those oranges in black pepper!


Fill up on this beauty meal!

xo Haylie

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