Real Girl's Kitchen: Fresh Herb Ice Pops

Technically, summer is almost over but we seem to be in the peak of it here in Los Angeles. The BBQ and pool parties haven’t let up yet either, so be the hostess with the mostest and bust out these healthy popsicles at your next shindig.

 During my popsicle making research, I was so surprised at how few “clean” recipes were floating the internet. Most of them called for corn syrup or even corn starch. While those can be fine every once in awhile, none of those items will be on our shopping list for today. Instead, fresh fruits and Greek yogurt (hello probiotics!) will fill our popsicle molds.

As you play popsicle chemist, make sure to taste as your go. The sweeter fruits won’t need as much simple syrup and you can make any of them creamy (a la creamy mint peach) by mixing in some of the vanilla bean yogurt.

Feeling inspired by all the beautiful summer herbs, I came up with some tasty fruit/herb combinations. Mix and match at your own risk.


– Salted (a tsp) Watermelon & Rosemary (a splash of aged or reduced balsamic vinegar would be amazing too)

– Cilantro, Pineapple, Lime & Cayenne

– Black Pepper, Strawberry & Basil

– Creamy Peach (Vanilla Bean Yogurt) & Mint (maybe a splash of whiskey for you over 21 girls)

– Lemon, Cayenne & Maple Syrup (for us perpetual dieters)

– Dark Cherry & Vanilla Bean Yogurt

– Vanilla Bean Yogurt, Nutmeg & Coconut



The Salted Watermelon & Rosemary was the breakout star of the group. If you’re only going to make one flavor, make that one!



How to:

Simple syrup:

The ratio is 2 parts water, 1 part sugar. I made small batches since I infused the herbs into the syrup. I had so many different combinations to make and didn’t want to make too much. You can make more or less depending on what flavors you choose.

Heat water and sugar over low heat till sugar melts, drop a handful of chosen herb into the pot and let it sit for 15 minutes. Remove from heat and let cool. Strain out herbs. Pour into Mason jar (if you know me, I love a Mason jar) and fill with a fresh batch of the same herb.

Vanilla bean greek yogurt: (my favorite part)

One (or two if you want them extra creamy) 17.oz container of Greek yogurt1 tablespoon of vanilla extract2 tablespoons of honey1 fresh vanilla bean. This gives the beautiful speckle of vanilla; cut down the length of pod, use the back of your knife to scrape the beans out. Discard the pod.


Using a Vita-Mix (God’s gift to the kitchen) or a food processor, puree fruit of choice. Using the 2/1 ratio, add simple syrup and a pinch of fresh cut herbs.

Fill your popsicle molds and pop those bad girls in the freezer.

They will take 3-4 hours to really set.



*These RGK Fresh Herb Ice Pops are best served on a beach towel by a pool.*

xo HD

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