Champagne Problems

Ready for college? Peep this!

Whether you decide to go to college or not, I think you are on your way to being the bee’s knees (author’s note: I don’t know you all personally, thus this is just an assumption). Now is about the time when late teen young bucks are going online and downloading application forms for some of the their top picks in the world of ed-ja-ma-ca-tion (fav world BTW).

It’s an important time for you and those around you, so why not take your time when selecting the proper place of higher education. That said, I went ahead (without anyone asking me because I’m a go-getter) and made a top 5 things to look for in a college, based solely on the fact that I went to one. Pretty cool credentials for giving advice right, RIGHT?!! (Meh.)

5. Campus – Make sure the campus has walking distance ability to all things college. Library, Dining facilities, Gym facilities, Cute guy/girl dorms and of course, Student Unions (where hip meets trapped at school).

4. Weather – If you find yourself loving heat, don’t hesitate to spend the next 4 years in a tropical place. I know you want to go to Princeton, but New Jersey is cold. (But, for realz if you get in, just buy yourself an electric blanky and tell me everything.)

3. Family – If you don’t want to fly the nest just yet, stay close with a community college until you are ready to spread your wings. And when that happens, fly pumpkin fly. Find a school that’s going to take you out of your element and through opportunities (safe ones) your way. Your family can always visit and stock your dorm up IKEA style (then you can sell it later for Cancun money FYI)

2. Cancun! – Just kidding that’s not on the list

And, the number 1 thing to look out for in the land of books?

1. Education (Duh city-usa) – It’s important to remember how sexy being smart happens to be nowadays. And, now that you are about to get the opportunity of a lifetime to either go to school or don’t. I say make it worth your while. College isn’t for everybody and if this is you, then I say travel, travel, travel. If you want to wait school out until it peeks your interest, then I’m all for it/you/life/pasta. I say get that passport and see the world until you are ready or at least are so cultured that you know more than any school can squish in your brain.

Happy learning, you fluffy kitten nips, you.

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