The nursery rhyme, “There Was an Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe” inspired today’s gallery. I thought if a little old lady can live in a shoe, what else can people live in? And I discovered some pretty amazing, albeit peculiar, homes from all around the world.

Although I’m not sure of the benefit of living in a home shaped like a toilet, for instance, I do know that all of these houses are creative, innovative and unique. And I’m pretty sure they were created with love and care.

I think if I could live in any one of these homes I would choose the one built like a spaceship. I would make it like an E.T. shrine, with a ton of E.T. stuffed animals, Reese’s Pieces candy and other props from the movie. I would most likely live alone.


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  1. The first one is photoshopped. There is a better photoshopped version with a castle but it is a famous island that has been in movies and that is not on top of it.