— But seriously

People are losing it over how gorgeous Rachel True from "The Craft" is, and we mean…duh!

Rachel True / D.S. True Photography / www.instagram.com

While it’s true that every ’90s girl’s fave teen goth flick The Craft turned 20 last year, there are certain things that happen that make its heyday seem like it just happened. One of those? Actress Rachel True, who hasn’t aged a day since 1996, apparently.

In case you need a refresher, True played one of the four main leads in the movie, Rochelle. She’s the one who casts a revenge spell on Christine Taylor that makes all her hair fall out, and is also who the other girls lift off the ground in your favorite ’90s sleepover game and mine, “Light as a feather, stiff as a board.”

Remember how gorgeous she was?

And how she and Neve Campbell’s Bonnie were #BFFGoals?

The Plastics who?

Over two decades later (and 19 years after she starred alongside Dave Chappelle in Half Baked), True is still a complete stunner. Check out this series of snaps she shared to her Instagram account last month.

And this one from last year. Wow.

And now? Rachel True is 50 years old and seriously #LifeGoals.

When The Craft premiered in theaters, True was actually the oldest of the main cast — 29, playing a teenager! (And we get it — I mean, she could still pass for a teenager, in our opinion.)

We aren’t the only ones fawning over how beautiful True still is. Twitter is beside itself, as Twitter tends to be.

“Where’s the pic of her at 50?” user @HankRea asked, and we’re like, no but seriously.

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