Quiz: How British Are You?

Okay, people, time to put your money where your mouth is. My posts about the British way of dating and How to be British had LOTS of comments about how you guys are total Brits… just born and raised in the wrong country.

Let’s put that to the test. Now, you will need to get a pen and some paper, or note your answers on your phones or something. When you get to the bottom, add up your scores and find out just how British you REALLY are.

Question 1: You bump into someone in the street – it was their fault. What do you do?
(a) Say nothing and just carry on
(b) Say sorry
(c) Make them apologise

Question 2: The fashionista-girl at work compliments you on your outfit. You say…
(a) “mumblemumbleyoursisnicer”
(b) “Oh, this? It’s only Primark”
(c) “Thanks – I love it too!”

Question 3: The first thing you think when you hear the words ‘Cougar Town’ is…
(a) Cardiff on a Saturday night
(b) A US TV show starring Courtney Cox
(c) The latest Ben Fogle wildlife show

Question 4: It’s the first sunny day of the year and you weren’t expecting it. What are you doing?
(a) Whatever I had planned – there’ll be more nice days
(b) Dropping EVERYTHING, grabbing the picnic basket and heading for the nearest open space
(c) Staying indoors. I hate the sun.

Question 5: …and what are you wearing?
(a) Clothes perfectly appropriate to the temperature and time of year
(b) Shorts or a skirt – these legs may never get a chance to see the sun AGAIN!
(c) Layers, with an umbrella in your handbag

Question 6: Who were Sooty, Sweep and Sue?
(a) Slightly dodgy Enid Blyton characters
(b) Hand puppets
(c) Eastenders characters

Question 7: He lives in a house, a very big house…
(a) …he’s in the 1%
(b) …in the country
(c) …in the Greater London area. (But he’s no-one I know)

Question 8: Your humour is…
(a) Witty, sharp and excitingly original
(b) Non-existent
(c) Dry and self-deprecating

Question 9: A meal at 7pm is…
(a) Supper
(b) Tea
(c) Dinner

Question 10: Someone drops their mug of tea in a greasy spoon cafe…
(a) What’s a greasy spoon cafe?
(b) You help them clean it up
(c) You join in the round of applause

Question 11: Out of Ant and Dec…
(a) Ant was PJ, Dec was Duncan
(b) Dec was PJ, Ant was Duncan
(c) Nobody really cares – but a whole generation will never risk paintballing

Question 12: Queues are…
(a) Amazing
(b) Tiresome – each man for himself is more evolutionarily viable
(c) Easily ignored


1: a=5, b=10, c=0

2: a=10, b=5, c=0

3: a=10, b=0, c=5

4: a=5, b=10, c=0

5: a=0, b=10, c=5

6: a=0, b=10, c=0

7: a=5, b=10, c=5

8: a=0, b=5, c=10

9: a=10, b=10, c=10 (they are all valid in different parts of the country!)

10: a=0, b=5, c=10

11: a=10, b=0, c=10 (PJ was a character on teen TV show Byker Grove and got blinded by a stray paintball)

12: a=10, b=0, c=0

So…how British are you?

0-40 points

You’re not really very British, are you? I suggest you start taking yourself MUCH more seriously, and worrying more about what people think of you.

45-75 points

Don’t make a scene! It’s likely that you are quite British in character but not quite down with our pop culture. I suggest ten listens to Britpop Mix 1996, 3 cups of tea and a personal lesson from me about how to take the mick out of yourself for the amusement of others.


Well, you’re very British, aren’t you? Well done. I think.

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  • MJ Rojas

    Got 90. I knew I’m Brit, I just wanted to be snobby about it

  • Liza Baron

    Knew I could count on you! Which did you fall down on?

  • Christine Minnie Dutaut

    Nothing beats moaning about a long queue, cheering at people who drop things and getting sunburnt at every given opportunity!

  • Alison E Wise

    i got a 65 but i got all the pop culture questions right considering i basically moved to thte u.k. because of britpop

  • Fatima Morais Soares

    55 =) not bad for a Portuguese girl I suppose… fun quiz

  • Katy Gowland

    Love this! Genuinely a test of Britishness – Q3 made me laugh a LOT. Also, full marks, heh…

  • Christina Boucher

    Got 80. I’m very British. My best friend in the whole wide world is from London, that’s probably why. :].

  • Joanna Lubbes

    75! :) Thanks for a fun few minutes of distraction!

  • Abby Greenhaf

    95, total Welsh Brit..or just Welsh when visiting France..

  • Zaianne Sparrow

    Hahahaha 115!

  • Pauline Dao

    60. Pretty good for someone who was born and raised in America, and has never been anywhere near Britain, and knows no one British.

  • Jennifer Still

    100 for me, no surprise there!

  • Sarah Mitchell

    100 for me, I always have cold feet so I’m usually wearing socks, but can i have bonus points because i had actual afternoon tea in London today? :-) (love the question about pj and duncan!)

  • Laura Lewis

    80 – still traumatised by the PJ & Duncan paint balling episode :(

  • Beth Andralojc

    but which one was PJ and which one was Duncan?! 😛

  • Amy Laker

    Brilliant quiz! I actually laughed out loud at the ‘applauding when other people drop stuff’ question, it is so true and probably something you could only get away with doing in the UK. I imagine it would come off as rude everywhere else! I am actually British, born and raised, and I have to say that a meal at 7 is dinner! Tea is when you eat your meal early, like 5-ish! But then I am from the south and others may disagree…

  • Meredith Park

    1000 points for the Blur reference!

  • Natasha Simms

    90, I’d have been bitterly dissappointed if I weren’t seeing as I am Brit born and bred! The best question has got to have been ‘clap when someone drops something’, you actually get really weird looks if you do that in another country as I’ve found out on an archaeological dig with a lot of my friends.
    But now I have ‘Lets get ready to Rumble’ on a loop in my head, so cheers!

  • Amy Wylie

    I got 85!

  • Colleen Sweeney

    I’m about a 65. I’m not British, but it’s fun pretending!

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