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Quick Tip: Getting Ready For A Night Out

It may seem simple and obvious but its a gem of a tip…When getting dressed for a night out DO YOUR MAKE-UP & HAIR FIRST! It will help you decide what to wear, because you’ll already look good. If you try to dress with tired bags under your eyes and your hair a mess; nothing you put on (no matter how cute) will look complete or good.

On the other hand, if you’re hair & make-up ready, you’ll already look fabulous and can play more with your clothes. You can try out different accessories and automatically see what works rather than think… “hmm, this might work once my hair is done.”

Now, you may ask “what if after I get dress, my hair or make-up doesn’t go with my outfit?” I have two answers to that:

  1. Your make-up should match you, not your outfit.
  2. Its super easy to change up your lipstick (go from glossy to red etc) or put up your hair AFTER you pick out your outfit. You still want to be mostly ready before you throw on your clothes.

Happy Dressing!

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