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Meet the artist who perfectly illustrates our 20-something lives

When we first stumbled upon Quarter Life Poetry, we couldn’t believe our eyes: Here was someone not just dishing out some #tooreal feelings about being in your 20s, but also beautifully illustrating and writing poetry to express them. Tackling everything from not shaving your legs to student loan debt, every Insta-ed post combines relatively innocent artwork and not-so-innocent poems expressing frustration, doubt, fear, and of course, an appreciation for the simple joys of life.

The “no pants, no problem” version of the 20-something life is something that more and more young women relate to, and it’s taken form in pop culture as its own sort of self-expression and identity. Whether you’re debating the merits of putting on a bra to run an errand or crying while you calculate your food budget (or just thinking about creating one), you know that feeling: Caught between sureness in your undergrad education and the harsh jobs outlook in “the real world,” you’re slapped with the “millennial” label even though you only use Snapchat to send “ugly” selfies to your BFFs and consider 12 likes on your brunch photo a new standard of Instagram fame. Your parents want you to get your life together and start a family; you’re trying to figure out if you can finish that pizza by yourself. (You can; congrats!)

Quarter Life Poetry gets that, and provides a no-judgment commentary on a reality faced by a generation of young women torn between what they were taught to want and what they actually think and feel on a day-to-day basis. Here’s a sampling:

Can you see why we’re obsessed? We had to find out more about the woman behind the art, and so, we did!

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